Warframe DevStream 156 Happening This Friday (Aug. 27)

Includes Nidus Prime, the return of Plague Star, and more

by Elliott Gatica

Since Tennocon 2021, there has not been a DevStream or any major news surrounding the upcoming content for Warframe. There was only speculation and the reintroduction of Rhino and Nyx Prime. I have no doubt that the team at Digital Extremes are hard at work, ironing out the kinks and making sure all systems are a go when it comes to their biggest release of this year — The New War.

In a forum post detailed by Community Director Rebecca Ford, this Devstream will include a recap of Tennocon, the return of the popular Plague Star event, “and much more”.

What does this “much more” entail? Judging from the graphic, we’re definitely going to see the whole demo reel featuring Kahl, Teshin Dax, and Corpus Engineer Veso. Also, with the inclusion of Plague Star news, she also mentioned something about “a new weapon coming with it”. Operation: Plague Star is one of the more popular events thanks to the fact that it has a vendor selection of some of the most sought out items in Warframe like Forma and the Infested Zaw parts. The new weapon has not been detailed yet, though it could possibly the Ghoulsaw teased many months ago.

There was also mention of a “stress test” including the whole Relay event. For those who may have missed it, during Tennocon 2021 and in past Tennocons, there was a limited time “Tenno Live” relay accessible in game during the events. Players would go into what is essentially a relay, but it would showcase things like upcoming enemies, lore, and Prime Warframes. Most recently in Tennocon 2021, Nidus Prime was shown off during this in-game relay event.


The team are planning on re-running that entire showcasing, meaning there is definitely going to be some things pertaining to the highly anticipated Nidus Prime. His inclusion in this Devstream seems more fitting than ever, especially when an infested-themed event is going to make its return. Plus, as of this news coming out, today is the 90-day mark since the last Prime Warframe has been released. The 90-day mark is significant for Prime Access because that’s how long their boosters last for, which act as somewhat reliable indicators when the next Prime Warframe should be out.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Warframe Devstream without some kind of Twitch drop. Link your Twitch account to your Warframe account and watch for at least 30 minutes to receive an Umbra Forma Blueprint. This isn’t an item you want to miss, since these are very rare to come by. Warframe’s Devstream 156 will be held this Friday, August 27, 2021 at 2 PM ET.

Warfarme is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. There is going to be a mobile version of the game later out this year. Check out more about Warframe and our guides by clicking here.

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