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Warning: People Advised To Stay Away From Pokemon GO Beta Sign-Up Websites

by Damian Seeto


People are advised to stay away from Pokemon GO beta sign-up websites because The Pokemon Company has yet to announce anything official on it yet. The websites that are up now are all fake scams.

The Pokemon Company announced on its official website:  “With regard to the beta test of Pokémon GO, we have not made any announcements yet. As soon as we have new information, it will be announced on the Pokémon GO official site.

If you see a website that is supposed to give you a code to the Pokemon GO beta test, leave it alone. It goes without saying you should not give out any personal information such as email addresses, phone number etc.

We should be getting more information about the game in March when Niantic’s CEO John Hanke is doing a presentation on it at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Pokemon GO is one of Nintendo’s most highly anticipated smartphone titles this year with the launch trailer notching over 21 million views.

The game also had an expensive ad that aired during last Sunday’s Super Bowl. It didn’t show any real gameplay footage, but it was enough to convince people that this game won’t be like any other in the whole franchise.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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