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What to Expect from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Patch 3.1.0

Character balances are coming

by Kyle Hanson


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on the verge of getting its latest big update, with Nintendo promising it will arrive some time this week. Update Patch 3.1.0 isn’t going to bring new DLC characters or anything earth shattering like that, but it will be a big one in a number of ways. We don’t have the full patch notes yet, but we do have some idea of what to expect, so here’s a rundown of what might be coming and how you can prepare for the update.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Patch 3.1.0 is going to be the latest update to rebalance the many characters found in Nintendo’s massive brawler. Over 70 characters are featured in the game, making for a balance nightmare. As new mechanics are discovered and players rework their strategies, these sorts of patches roll out to handle some of the imbalances that develop. For example, Pichu was growing into a truly dominant player so recent patches have “nerfed” him to a small extent.

You can expect that trend to continue with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Patch 3.1.0 which might also buff some other characters who have drifted to the bottom of most competitive players’ tier lists. Fans are clamoring for some boosts to Captain Falcon, who is a fan-favorite but has become less and less popular as other characters are able to best him handily. Will there be a Captain Falcon buff in 3.1.0? Hopefully, but we’ll need the full patch notes to find out.

That’s the answer to what to expect from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Patch 3.1.0. Character balances that shift the landscape in online play as well as tournaments. Whoever your main/favorite is today may change once this hits, though Nintendo usually makes smaller changes that don’t dramatically boost or drop a particular character’s abilities. One thing that is certain is that your replay data will be destroyed once the patch hits. Be sure to convert them to video before that happens or you’ll lose all that precious footage. To do that simply follow these steps: Vault>Replays>Replay Data>Convert to Video.

- This article was updated on:May 29th, 2019

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