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When and Where To Watch The Nintendo Switch Presentation Tonight

by Dean James


It may only be the second week of the year, but Nintendo is ready to get 2017 going with their much awaited Nintendo Switch presentation later tonight. With the system only a couple months away from release, there is a lot of information to be released between tonight and tomorrow’s Nintendo Treehouse Live stream, so we wanted to make sure you knew exactly where you could watch these events live.

First of all, the time for the Nintendo Switch presentation will be at 11:00 pm ET (8:00 pm PT) tonight, January 12. We haven’t been given a definite length, but as we told you the other day, it is very likely going to be somewhere around an hour, give or take thirty minutes, based on Niconico’s time slot on their schedule.

For those that want to watch the stream live, there will be three official sources streaming the event. The official Nintendo website will have the stream of course, but it will also be streamed on Nintendo’s official YouTube and Twitch channels also. Having it streamed on YouTube like always makes it easy to rewatch the stream after the fact, so that is always good to see. Twitch has also revealed that Nintendo is allowing people to host live streams tonight with their reactions, so that is always an option if you have a certain group you like to follow for events like this.

While the presentation tonight will be the big Nintendo Switch blowout, we also have the previously announced Nintendo Treehouse Live event tomorrow morning, January 13, at 9:30 am ET (6:30 am PT). This stream should be held on the same three main sources as tonight’s presentation, so it should be just as equally easy to find and watch.

This is the moment all Nintendo fans have been very excited for ever since the Switch was first teased as just the NX awhile ago now. Stay tuned to AOTF for our own coverage of the event as well starting tonight, with the YouTube link embedded below for those watching as well.

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