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White Xbox One found, but only for employees of Microsoft

by William Schwartz


It looks like Microsoft will be producing white Xbox One consoles in a very limited run.  A image recently surfaced on NeoGaf that shows slick looking white Xbox One, a more polished version than the alleged dev kit that surfaced a few weeks back.

This white Xbox One is said to be an “Xbox One Employee Ship Gift”, and it comes with the special edition white color, a year of Xbox Live, All 1st party games, and more.

The console is emblazoned with “I made this” on the side, so it does indeed look like its going to be a pretty limited run.   For those hoping that Microsoft has a white Xbox One set for release at a later date, it’s possible.  Though Microsoft hasn’t announced anything other than the big black box that they’ve been showing at E3 and Gamescom.

Xbox One fans are still waiting for a concrete date on the release of the new console.  While Microsoft has made it clear that the $499 price point will stick, as will the Kinect in every box, they’ve yet to confirm an official launch date for the console.

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