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Who Might Be The Other Six Injustice 2 DLC Characters?

by Dean James


Earlier today brought us the reveal of the first three DLC characters set to arrive in Injustice 2 as part of Fighter Pack 1 with Starfire, Red Hood, and Sub-Zero. While this reveal was big news in of itself, the end of the trailer also seemed to give us a big tease at the rest of the DLC roster, with a couple of them seemingly being very easy to make out.

And the very end of the reveal trailer for the first Injustice 2 Fighter Pack, the three announced fighters walk forward and in the background are three silhouettes on each side, which are pretty hard to make out. However, thanks to Ryce on NeoGAF, we have a lightened version that really makes it a lot easier to see which potential characters might be coming to Injustice 2.


The two that seem to be the most obvious to figure out are Black Manta on the left and Raiden from Mortal Kombat on the right, each being the focus as the center character. Black Manta is already in the game as a stage transition, so his addition would be similar to that of Martian Manhunter that was already in the original Injustice as a background character and then added as DLC.

Raiden has a very distinct look with his hat and that is exactly how the silhouette on the right center looks. This is likely going to be disappointing to some with Sub-Zero already being announced, but Scorpion was the best selling DLC character for the first game and the guest characters were the best selling for Mortal Kombat X as well. This likely would seem to count out the much requested Static due to Raiden kind of taking that style, but Boon could also be trolling and Static is really in instead. What lends even more to this possibility is the image that Boon tweeted after had the silhouettes moved around and the “Raiden” no longer had a hat, but the rest of it was the same. It wouldn’t be the first switcheroo either, as it happened with Mortal Kombat X also. The initial silhouette tease showed someone who looked obviously like Baraka, but then the trailer had him killed by Alien for its reveal instead.

To the direct left of the supposed Raiden, we have a very bulky character that many have speculated could be Azrael. His design in certain comics and even in the Arkham series of games definitely falls on the bulkier side and very well could be this character, especially with it almost looking like it has a hood on. Another theory is that it’s a bulky version of Spawn, since he has been rumored to be included for awhile.

The remaining character on the right side definitely looks to have a female build, with the first speculation going towards the possible return of Raven. However, with the lighter version of the picture, it almost looks like it could be a variation of Enchantress. She was a part of last year’s Suicide Squad movie, so the character is pretty relevant right now, but I’m not quite sure how they would handle her move set. Someone else like Vixen might also be a possibility here.

Besides Black Manta on the left side, the other two silhouettes are very generic and harder to make out. The one on the left is the most basic of all, which might means its just a placeholder, because the actual silhouette would be too obvious and they don’t want to give away all the surprises now. The first Injustice used placeholder silhouettes for their DLC, so it’s possible. However, if it is legitimate, perhaps it could be someone like Booster Gold, the Atom, or Beast Boy with the simply body build. While it looks too small, maybe it could even be Dr. Manhattan with the Watchmen tie-in with DC Rebirth. If they’re going to go with a Mortal Kombat character per pack, perhaps it could be Johnny Cage as well.

The final silhouette to the right of the supposed Black Manta also is really hard to figure out. The points at the top of the head really stand out, but it might be a case of it being some sort of hat with the sides not shown due to the angle. If that is the case, it could potentially be the Question or another Watchmen crossover possibility with Rorschach. Otherwise, this one remains a total mystery.

Who do you think these other six characters might be in Injustice 2? And would you be fine with a Mortal Kombat character per DLC pack? Let us know in the comments below.

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