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Why Star Ocean 5 Will Not Come To Xbox One And PC

| June 19, 2015

Why Star Ocean 5 Will Not Come To Xbox One And PC News  Star Ocean 5 Square Enix

The producer for Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness has now given a reason why the game will not be released on the Xbox One and PC.

When Square Enix first announced Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, it was only revealed to be available for the PS3 and PS4 consoles. Some people are wondering why it’s not coming to Xbox One and PC.

The game’s producer, Shuichi Kobayashi, explained why during a new interview with GamesBeat.

He said in Japan, Star Ocean 5 is “for PS3 and PS4” only. He said that “Xbox and PC” were not part of their plans right now.

Kobayashi explained there are two reasons why Star Ocean 5 will not hit PC and Xbox One. One of them are for technical reasons. He said it’s hard to make the same game “for PS3 and Xbox One“.

Another reason Star Ocean 5 is a PlayStation exclusive is that they did a survey and and they know more PlayStation gamers like this type of game. This makes sense, as the JPRG genre never really sells well on Xbox platforms. Not to mention not many people in Japan on the Xbox One now.

If you are looking forward to Star Ocean 5, you better own a PS3 and/or PS4 console. It doesn’t sound like it will be released elsewhere.

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  • Israel Lopez

    Stupidest explanation ever. Its hard to make a game for Ps3 and Ps4 due to their large differences, same for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Once you are developing for Ps4 it should be a breeze to do so for Xbox One and PC. Lets not forget the fact you could develop for PC and then consoles. Sony paid them and that’s it. No need to hide the truth. You make your game available to the largest market possible, and that’s on PC, then 360, then Ps3, and you make it available worldwide, not just Japan.

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      you realise that ps3 has more consoles out there than the 360?

      I’d question PC being the biggest market as well because game sales are dismal

      • zrex2metagor

        PC game sales are dismal? Seriously? You drunk or just plain retarded? Go take a look at steam sale statistifcs, now add Origin Sales to that. Thats not even counting retail, though its hard to know how anything about retail stats, but since stores still stack PC dvd’s, I’d say its not non-existant. But yeah, in no way or form is the PC sales dismal. I mean Steam sales alone surpass both xbl and psn sales

        • VV

          yeah. steam sales and origin sales are pathetic compared to console sales in vgchartz and digital console sales. you are the retarded nolife basement cunt here. you fuck of from here pc gaming beggar.

          on consoles games sell 15 times more than the pc version you retard.

          • Ao

            Go back sucking your mom’s milk, you kid.

          • Goran Tamburic

            Consoles will never match pc look witcher or dragon age pc will always beat console!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freak Bitches!!!

          • Krazy Bone

            no i think this gen is the first time, pcs beat consoles in terms of graphics, last couple of gens its always console had more beef but later in the cycle pc would take over.

          • Goran Tamburic

            No it was all deliberate cos direct X is made so fucked up for commercial reasons,in reality PC should be 3 times better graphically then it is now!All that console compatibility is fake!New direct X that is coming will be far better cos sales are bad!

        • ORION

          GTAV sold 10 million on PC and 75 million on consoles, that’s what he means by pc sales are dismal
          also CD Projekt Red said that sales are 30% pc 70% console and that they couldn’t make the game if it wasn’t on consoles to allow them to invest more for a bigger market

      • Israel Lopez

        There are well over 1 billion PCs/laptops/convertibles/tablets out there running any version of Windows XP and above (most of them on Windows 7). If at least 10% of those are playing (non-mobile) games, that means 100 million people are the hardcore gaming base on PC. If you wish to extend that to casual/mobile gaming and apps, then that number would be well above 700 million people. No console will ever get those numbers, considering the best selling home console was the Ps2 with a little over 105 million consoles. I dont know who has said PC game sales are dismal. The PC gaming market is larger than Xbox and PlayStation combined.

        As for 360 vs Ps3 sales, the Ps3 managed to sell about 500,000 more consoles worldwide about 2 Holiday Seasons ago, but 360 took back the crown during 2014. Currently 360 sells more consoles than Ps3, though both systems are falling down quickly in favor of Xbox One and Ps4.

        • Guest

          Seems like you’re confused about sales numbers. The PS3 has sold more consoles than the 360. It’s been outselling the 360 for years now. Unless you’re talking of US only?

          Also the PS2 sold more than 150m. Not quite the 105m.

          • Israel Lopez

            I’m sorry but you are the one who seems to be confused. 105 was a typo for 150, and it has the record for best selling console. Very far from the 1 billion+ PCs in use. How many of those 150 million Ps2s are being played right now instead of collecting dust? Ps3 outsold Xbox One for some months during 2011-2013 and it was enough to catch up to 360’s worlwide sales and at some point surpass it by about 500,000 consoles before either console hit 80 million. Microsoft last updated 360 sales 1 year ago at 84 million and said Xbox 360 had been outselling Ps3 again. Black Friday in 2013 estimates had Xbox 360 selling 3 times as many Ps3s. That should be enough to show why Sony hasn’t cared to update Ps3 numbers: They ended up losing last gen in the end to 360, and are instead focusing in Ps4’s very healthy early lead.

          • Guest

            I game on PC as well as console so I’m not arguing about the number of PCs in the world. I’m just correcting few things in your comment.

            The 105 was a typo so a mistake from your part. End of that.

            As for the 360 v PS3, I’m talking about WORLDWIDE numbers not npd or 2013 black friday estimation. Worldwide estimation shows that the PS3 is outselling the 360 every week in Europe and Japan while the 360 still lead in NA. Worldwide however the PS3 is doing a lot better than the 360.

            Do you have a link where MS said they have been outselling the PS3 worldwide or are you just making stuff up?

            How can a console that sold more worldwide AND in less time (1 and 1/2 year less) considered “losing” last gen? Sorry but you make no sense.

          • ^^

            I’d take the silence as a no, I don’t have a link. So you win.

          • +1

        • Drakonas

          Yeah, that’s true and all but Japan’s PC gaming market is tiny compared to US and Europe. Consoles sell much better out there than PC’s from what I’ve heard.

          • Ao

            Japan is also hugely smaller and different than US and Europe. No one really cares about PC sales there because western games already don’t sell well. Their niches sell there. And Nintendo.

          • meso

            in order to regain their potential in gaming and console sales, i ts going to take microsoft if they aren’t already to open doors for game developers of other other coutries besides europe japan the us etc, to keep the video game market fresh and diverse. the majority of the veteran game developers have either been promoted to hands off positions or multiple positions or have left the gaming companies entirely or have been laid off. thanks.

        • VV

          there are hardly 1 miillion pc gamers with pc’s as powerful as the ps3.

          • Hah, I’d love to wager to differ on that, but without proper statistics it’ll be a penis match.

          • Miller

            As a PS3 are you serious???? Geforce 7800 GTX..Granted is one of the most complex chips ever made, yet lets be real it’s out dated…24/8 cores @ 440 MHz 256 Bit @ 550 MHz..Even a 400 Dollar Laptop these days comes with GeForce 920M 384 Unified pipleine (cores) @ 954 MHz 64 Bit @ 1800 MHz…PS3 has 256MB Ram…..a MS SURFACE IS MORE POWERFUL than a PS3….PS3 is a single core processor…..There are more non PC gamer with computers more powerful than a PS3…and most of them probably bought them 6 years ago…We are also talking Direct X 9 most people at least are on 11 now..12 is current…

            Steam alone has over 125 MILLION active users. There survey stats show that 9% currently run a GTX 970.. Thats just ONE card…is more than your 1million stat let alone there are 0 i repeat 0 single processor computers in use. They actually have over a million users with 2 physical processors…

            Get a clue before you speak (type).

          • Artos

            What kind of moron or retard are you? have you done any research on how many video cards are sold yearly? nvidia has over 1 billion in revenue from graphic cards yearly and that is one company, its estimated that 10% of steam users run on high end video cards considering the facts even medium range video cards can out perform the mass produced cheap video cards in a console

        • +1 <3

      • Rich Garriques

        What the actually f are you talking about pc sales are not even close to dismal. Jrpgs and games in General sell better on pc. It is a no brained to release them on pc these days. Square obviously got paid for this. I was really looking forward to a star ocean game on the pc this time around but once again money got in the way. It is perfectly understandable why Xbox does not get a copy because it sells terribly in Japan and with Jrpgs generally. But pc there is no excuse at all.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          They sell better on PC?

          Do They?

          If you look at profit from a AAA game you will find the vast majority comes from console.

          Overall game sales on PC top console game sales as you have a vast amount of financial data from back catalogues that are available on PC and F2P models which are far more prevalent. The number of games available on PC completely eclipses those available for a given console generation.

          When it comes to the sales of new releases that release on console and PC you’ll find PC doesn’t come close

          • Artos

            What sort of nonsense are you spewing?
            According to Intel there are 711 million pc gamers in the world, in china alone its calculated there are 200 million active pc gamers, 125 million active steam users. (which you must purchase a game 5$ or more in order to have an active account) There is alot more purchasing power on pc than what console followers wish to admit, Of course country hicks like you probably dont know how to run a pc properly and assume the rest of the world is as dim as you but lets look at the numbers.

            if you cut those numbers by lets say 10% of 711 million which is 71.1 million they are still considerable
            Around 40 million ps4s, 19-20 million xbox ones and 12.8 million wii u’s to a total 72.8 million consoles have been sold since 2013 until now, As of October 2014, there were nearly 2 billion personal computers used worldwide, many of those are probably not used for gaming actively, but how many people plays browser games from facebook and social media , lets say maybe 10% of those pcs are gamers that’s close to 200 million users more than twice of the consoles sold in 3 years. if game developers know the numbers and I assure you not all of them are country hicks like you, they will want a piece of that pie. Look at Valkyria Chronicles it was released for pc a couple of years ago and it has a total of 872,853 owners on steam and that’s an old game, in japan it sold 141,589 copies in 2008 while steam made over 200,000 in mere days.
            Please do more research before you spew your hick idiocy or better still dont comment on things you have no idea of.
            Myself I love my ps4 but the numbers are the numbers

    • who paid square to release tomb raider on xbox one only ?
      tell me , who ??

      someone can tell me who ????????????????

      • Israel Lopez

        And your point is?

        • Luffy Monkey

          That there is a dirty marketing among video game developpers and console manufacturers…or so I guess. In this article, it’s clear Kobayashi is bullshitting us with his otherworldly excuses. Seriously, even if not many Japanese people own an XOne, what stops them from selling it IN AND OUTSIDE JAPAN? And what stops them from making it for PC too (Wii U could be included too, I guess)? Obviously, Sony must have paid them for this ‘Sony-exclusive’ game. However, considering Rise of the Tomb Raider, I read it would be made for PS4, PC, X360 and XOne.

        • sat

          Don’t worry sony trolling

        • meso

          i know xbox 360 due to mr mark ts and microsofts efforts did start off strong with more games and continued with their indies but either systems had their first edition hardware issues. most people ended up buying both as well as a wii.

          • meso

            actually the software among graphics make the console what it is

    • Shi’a at

      He’s a racist fuckin asian…… Asians must sit back and laugh at Americans eating up their JRPGs. They must laugh at Americans because they much rather have the asian console vs the american console… Then you get these same PS owners tha argue everyone should own a Ford or a Chevy. LOL

      • forgiven1

        Nah, everyone should own a JEEP Wrangler! 4 inch lift, 35’s (tires)no no 38’s, wench,….

    • Aaron Anderson

      Xbox doesnt deserve such great games xbox is garbage and belongs in the garbage

      • Israel Lopez

        I am sorry but anyone who thinks like you, with such a limited mindset, is the one who belongs in the garbage. Just because others don’t like what you do, doesn’t mean you should think/act so immaturely and stupid.

      • sat

        Yeah troll isreal right xb1 whopping tommani but at sony tounight

      • meso

        even though sony has an edge in the console sales at the moment and microsoft is going thru a restructuring phase either company still are quite where they want to be vr wise or console wise because they are still in their race of this gen.

        • meso

          arent where they want to be is what i ment sorry

    • Demoncat

      This is precisely the reason why. I am tired of Public Relation teams just lying to the public. The PS4 is running on x86 processor, the same hardware used on a PC. Converting a game from PS3 to PS4 is exceptionally dififcult because they don’t use the same architectures.

      Porting a PS4 game to PC is very easy, as the hardest part was already done.

      I wish they would just flat out state “We aren’t releasing to PC because we were paid more money to stay on the console.”

    • Eric Lavallee

      it is coming to PC just not anytime soon as the ps4 is just a pc we will
      have an emulator sooner then later and before the ps3 emulator funny
      enough…. stupid Sony

  • bardock5151

    Ease of development and PS3 don’t belong in the same sentence, even by implied meaning.

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    Square enix is being pretty dam excellent to ps4 users. dragon quest hero’s, star oceon and nier 2 exclusive to the ps4!

    • ps4 won e3 so easily , that’s scary

  • raine204

    lol..random thought…just once i’d be total awesome if a company just said…Fuk that system…we aint making for it and thats just the way it is. In nicer plainer for the ignorant masses speach.
    Now I know in modern day marketing thats a no no….can’t alienate the ignorant fanboys now can you. :)

    • sat

      Yes My Xb1 brothers and sisters XB1 is savior we gamers are Victory to beat sony

      • Matt

        Xbox One has low specs than PS4 and most PCs that people would game with, plus game companies still get push backs from consoles so of course they want to make it exclusive.

  • TWF

    I just bought my first Star Ocean game, if I like it I’ll get this one.

    • StarDragonJP

      Which one did you get?

      • TWF

        Till the End of Time, I just got a PS2 again and they had it at the local shop.

        • StarDragonJP

          You might want to try the 2nd game. That’s the best IMO. It’s on PS1 & PSP

  • Guest

    I agree with their survey, PS gamers generally are open and play all types of games. For me, XB gamers usually prefer the same type of games that comes…
    Different gaming culture…

    • Eric Lavallee

      You have a very low IQ and need to stop trolling this article get a life and education.

  • Albel Nox

    @Damian Seeto can you ask them if they can make a collector edtion for the game with Star Ocean 1,2,3 and 4 full game for the newcomers please? So newcomers can experience all of the Star Ocean series

  • Jay Patton

    Once Xbox One releases backwards compatibility Xbox One will most likely start outselling PS4…unless Sony figures out backwards compatibility for the PS4

    • Gomly

      It has, PS Now, full of old Playstation titles.

  • Christophe Gugelot

    XBOX 360 Star Ocean 4 ou XBOX ONE Star Ocean 5 oui !!!!!!!!!!!! pfff

  • Christophe Gugelot

    PS3 ou PS4 NoN XXXXX :(

  • Shi’a at

    Game sucks anyway

  • Eric Lavallee

    it is coming to PC just not anytime soon as the ps4 is just a pc we will have an emulator sooner then later and before the ps3 emulator funny enough.

  • Sloan

    Fuck square enix even though i bought the shit out of their games in the PS2 era… I dont understand this since FFXV is coming out on Xbox… Honestly ps4 controllers are awful. I do not want to ever use one. Sony has made zero innovations to their controllers since the beginning of playstation.

  • Joe (Jiro)

    I understand xbox…but pc? PC loves jrpgs…it’s just developers don’t like to develop for PC for some reason.

  • Bene

    Im not worried. In the future we will have emu ps4! So fuck u Square Enix! XD
    Pc Wins!

  • Nathan

    really no explanation at all why it wont be on pc and hardly and explanation for xbox 1

    • You think they explained anything for Phantasy star online 2 for not being released either?
      Every games has their problems.

  • Andon M. Coleman

    What crazy revisionist history is this where JRPGs never sell well on Xbox platforms? From 2006-2009, pretty much every JRPG released in the west was exclusive to the Xbox 360. Everyone who played JRPGs had a 360 because of this.

  • disqus_UIjusgii1X

    I used to love this franchise, but this decision on top of how awful the last game was? I don’t plan on even looking in their direction anymore. I had a PS4. Not a bad console. I can’t justify buying another after a family member broke mine, since I have an Xbox One and preferred it overall anyway. If they had any singular reason that was worthwhile, this might be a justifiable business move, but sheer laziness compounded with misreading the market? That’s the sign of a studio on the verge of collapse, or piss poor developers. Maybe both?

  • Why this game will fail even though I really want to buy it: they are literally pissing money away by not releasing this on PC.

  • JoshuaBoudreaux

    their excuse for no XBO or PC release is complete BS, due to the fact that the PS4 is a X86 based system, just like XBO and PC, there would have been MUCH less trouble porting it, then from PS3 to PS4

  • Kefka dirge

    listen if any of you want to play this its a piece of SHIT its not worth playing its an aweful game am ps4 owner and trust me when i say its bad as in Link: The Faces of Evil & Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (1993) / Zelda’s Adventure (1994) bad it was waste of money they killed series with this

  • meso

    a different version or a digital one for microsoft would not hurt square enixs budget but from the recent reviews for so5 a different version would be more ideal given the proper planning. another way to solve the console war is to join efforts to make one console each company gets a cut from the same hardware and can each make games for the same hardware and can choose to offer their own or a joint online service/s and it could save both the companies and their consumers alot of money because what i noticed is that each companies weakness is the others strength. but to build one system may not translate easily between the three companies.