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Why Star Wars Battlefront Is A Reboot And Not Battlefront 3

by Damian Seeto


EA have given a reason as to why they chose to make Star Wars Battlefront a reboot as opposed to being Battlefront 3.

Both the original Battlefront game and Battlefront 2 were developed by Pandemic Studios and published by LucasArts. Both games were huge fun, but sadly Battlefront 3 was never made as Pandemic Studios shut down. A few years after that, LucasArts closed down too.

EA gave a reason as to why Star Wars Battlefront is a reboot on Twitter:

“We decided to re-boot the series so we can provide our vision on what an epic Star Wars Battlefront game can deliver.”

Since DICE and EA didn’t work on the first two games, they wanted to provide their own vision for Star Wars Battlefront. This is a reason why it’s not being called Battlefront 3. The new game is unlikely to feel like a sequel because it’s an all-new gaming experience.

DICE and EA have explained over the last couple of weeks that Star Wars Battlefront is different from the older games. There will be a few new game modes, while other modes have been removed entirely.

EA and DICE will be showing a lot more gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront very soon at E3 2015.

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