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There Will Be No Playable Demo For Spider-Man PS4 Anytime Soon

by Dean James


Going into E3, we heard rumors that a PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game would be announced, though the big surprise came during the Sony conference when it was revealed that Insomniac Games was the developer. Since that announcement, they’ve been really good at answering questions about the game on Twitter and sadly it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting to try the game anytime soon.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 looks fantastic in just the short teaser we got at E3, so fans have naturally been really excited for the game all over the internet.

As a result, many have been asking questions to Insomniac on Twitter, including one that asked if we could potentially be getting some sort of early demo for Spider-Man PS4 “soon, or at least in the coming months.”

Insomniac’s gave a very short response to this by saying “Nope. :)” There were plenty of other tweets asking Insomniac for more footage or information, in which they said things like “We just released a teaser! Patience.”

While they have confirmed the game has been in development for over a year, there’s definitely still a good bit of work to be had on the game it appears. We may not even get any sort of demo before release, as that’s something that was more common last-gen, with betas on multiplayer games being the big thing now, but we’ll just have to wait and see for sure.

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