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The Wolf Among Us Season Finale Arrives Next Week

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Following the usual Telltale release script perfectly, last week we saw our first tease of The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5, and now we have a trailer and release date. The episode, titled Cry Wolf, is the season finale for The Wolf Among Us Season 1 and will be released on July 8th for PC and Playstation 3, July 9th for Europe and Xbox 360, and July 10th for iOS devices.

The trailer which was released today includes spoilers for past episodes, but little hint as to what we might expect from Cry Wolf. Following on the initial teaser image it does seem like we will finally see protagonist Bigby Wolf transform into his full-blown “Big Bad Wolf” form at some point in the episode. Having recently read through a ton of the Fables comics which the series is based on, this should be a pretty epic scene to play through.

The full description for the episode is as follows:

“Following a bloody trail of murder and corruption, Bigby Wolf confronts a powerful enemy: a dark force that has been feeding on the desperation of Fabletown’s seedy underbelly. But when hidden truths are revealed, you must decide exactly what justice means in the gripping season finale of The Wolf Among Us.

From the makers of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead, comes a gritty, violent and mature thriller based on the award-winning Fables comic books (DC Comics/Vertigo).

As Bigby Wolf – THE big bad wolf – you will discover that a brutal, bloody murder is just a taste of things to come in a game series where your every decision can have enormous consequences.

An evolution of Telltale’s ground-breaking choice and consequence game mechanics will ensure the player learns that even as Bigby Wolf, Sheriff of Fabletown, life in the big bad city is bloody, terrifying and dangerous.”

There has still been no word on whether Telltale Games will continue the series with a second season, as they have done with The Walking Dead. Upcoming titles such as Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones will likely take up all of their production time for the foreseeable future, so if a season 2 is coming, it will almost certainly take a while.

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