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World of Final Fantasy Is Getting Digital Exclusive Pre-Order Bonuses On PS4

by Dean James


While we thought Final Fantasy XV was going to be the next Final Fantasy game to grace our game systems, World of Final Fantasy now takes that spot after the delay of the former. We already knew the game had a special Day One edition, but now we have learned about exclusive pre-order bonuses for the PS4 version.

For those that pre-order World of Final Fantasy on PS4 digitally through the PlayStation Store, there are a few bonuses that you will be getting as well.

As announced by Square Enix, by pre-ordering World of Final Fantasy for PS4 on the PlayStation Store, you will get a new system theme for your PS4 based on the characters and Mirages found in the game itself. In addition, you will also receive two special Mirages that you can use in the game known as “Cactuar Johnny” and “Crimson Armor.”

Also remember that there is the Day One edition as well that is available on the PlayStation Store, along with other retailers at launch, which will include a few other special mirages, as well as the ability to use the Japanese voiceovers in the game instead of the English.

World of Final Fantasy will be releasing for PS4 and PS Vita in the US on October 25.

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