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World of Warcraft’s Long Time Recruit A Friend Program Is Ending

The system will be shutting down next month.

by Alex Levine


One of the oldest friend finding systems in gaming history will be leaving us shortly. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that their Recruit A Friend program (RAF) will be shutting down on June 11. No need to fret though, the company will be replacing it with something else at a later time. Still, its amazing that the RAF has lasted as long as it has considering the up and down roller coaster ride that WoW has gone through over the years.

For the time being, you can still use the current RAF before it goes under. Its a neat little system that allows friends to play with each other either a PVE or a PVP server. The only caveat is that this needs to be done in game as opposed to just inviting your buddies through the launcher itself. The system is especially important for bringing brand new players to WoW as it nets reward for both the recruiter and the recruited to use within the game right away.

These rewards can range from mounts, pets, in game currency, and even extra game time so that they will be inclined to play a little longer. As we stated earlier, once June 11 arrives you’ll no longer be able to send out invites for your friends. However, if anyone has received an invite to join the game, Blizzard is allowing players 90 days to purchase any in game time to earn more rewards. You can check out the Recruit A Friend page here.

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