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World War Z Multiplayer Modes Detailed

The game will pit players against players against zombies.

by Dylan Siegler


Between the likes of Resident Evil 2The Walking Dead, and Days Gone, there’s not going to be any shortage of zombie games in 2019. The upcoming video game adaptation of World War Z, however, stands out not just with its massive zombie swarms, but in the fact that it focuses more on multiplayer. Today (February 8), the game’s multiplayer modes were detailed.

In a recent press release from developer Saber Interactive, the multiplayer options in World War Z are described as PvPvZ, Players vs. Players vs. Zombies. In the game’s various multiplayer modes, players will be split into two teams of four each and will duke it out in different ways, depending on the mode you’re playing in, while also having to deal with enormous groups of zombies that threaten both human teams.

World War Z will come with five multiplayer modes: Scavenge Raid requires players to earn points by scavenging resources; Vaccine Hunt has the two teams fighting over an item, with more points rewarded to the team that holds onto it the longest; Swarm Deathmatch is a straight-up fight to the death between the two teams; Swarm Domination makes the players capture zones around the map to earn points; and King of the Hill has the teams fight to take over and maintain control over a hill.

World War Z is expected to launch sometime in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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