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WWE 2K17 1.02 Update Patch Has Now Been Sent To Sony/MS For Approval

by Damian Seeto


2K Games has revealed that it has completed work on update patch 1.02 for WWE 2K17. The patch is now up for approval by both Sony and Microsoft.

The WWE 2K17 Twitter page announced: “We are submitting patches to Sony and Microsoft today for approval and will post final patch notes and estimated timing before it goes live.”

In another tweet, they didn’t give an estimated time to when the new update patch will arrive. They posted: “Approval can take a long time. No updates for you today.”

If you own the game, you’ll know that several glitches still exist that need to be fixed. I’ve encountered some issues since playing the game at launch.

One example I can give is the graphics clipping and ripping. While doing MyCareer mode, the background graphics weren’t loading properly. It looked like the crowd was full of stripes like a zebra.

Another glitch I encountered was during a match with Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe kept doing tie-ups and nothing else. I wasn’t able to counter him, and Joe kept doing it forever without actually fighting me. It was an endless loop of tie-ups.

In the same match (when I restarted it), Micheal Cole said Samoa Joe did a finishing move, but it was me that executed on him. Several other players have encountered different issues. Hopefully these are all fixed soon.

- This article was updated on:October 21st, 2016

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