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WWE 2K17 1.03 Update Patch Notes Released For PS4 And Xbox One

by Damian Seeto


The latest patch notes for WWE 2K17 have been released already. The update itself is out now on PS4, and is coming soon for Xbox One owners.

The patch notes were announced via the official WWE 2K17 forums. Most of the notes are the same on both platforms apart from the one that has been notified. Partial patch notes are posted below.

• (PlayStation 4 only) – Fixed an issue that could occur when resuming the title from Rest Mode that could affect user save data if Auto-Upload was enabled in Application Saved Data Management

• Managers will no longer be ejected as a result from attacks made while the referee was downed
• Increased the recovery time for Superstars after being put through a ladder bridge during a Ladder or TLC match
• Fixed an issue where COM Superstars would attack their own manager if an opponent was standing behind the manager
• Fixed an issue where the referee could become idle during pin attempts made after being distracted by an interfering Superstar or manager
• Addressed strikes performed against the legs of a crawling opponent to appear more natural
• Addressed the strikes performed against an opponent knocked off the top rope to the mat to appear more natural
• Addressed a flickering spotlight issues that occurred when fighting in the crowd
• The manager exit gauge now depletes properly when a manager climbs onto the middle rope during a match
• The Superstar who performs a successful diving splash onto an opponent propped on a ladder will now recover more quickly than the opponent
• Fixed an exploit with the Lie Detector so that it can now be reversed
• Fixed an issue where the defender could get stuck in a corner turnbuckle if an Ambrose Comeback got interrupted. The Ambrose Comeback can no longer be interrupted
• COM opponents now have a chance to kick out after being hit with the Unicorn Stampede OMG! pin combo
• Charlotte will now use her Figure 8 finisher more regularly as a COM Superstar
• Fixed an animation syncing issue that occurred backstage when performing a diving double axe handle off an equipment box against a kneeling opponent
• Superstars are now only awarded 1 point for count outs during an Iron Man match
• The Elbow Drop/Knee Strike Combo now displays naturally when performed in a match
• Users are now able to execute submission moves during a Steel Cage tournament match
• Addressed a loss of control issue that could occur when eliminating a Superstar from the top rope during a Royal Rumble match
• Fixed an issue with managers’ pathing to the ring during entrance run-ins
• Fixed a warping issue when performing the Double Axe Handle 4 move on a grounded opponent
• Addressed an exploit that could occur when picking up an opponent
• Fixed an issue with COM Superstars standing idle after reversing certain moves
• Superstars can now successfully perform diving moves from the top rope against an opponent currently being Irish Whipped
• Addressed a warping issue that occurred when targeting the head of a supine opponent
• Addressed exploits around the ability to reverse certain Leg Sweep moves
• Addressed an exploit when performing Finishers/Signatures from behind that didn’t consume a stock properly
• Improved COM Superstar pathing to climb over the corner barricade after a Superstar
• Addressed multiple issues that sometimes occurred with Superstars being unable to remain appropriately grounded after mid-match run-ins and break-outs
• Fixed an issue where the referee would stop counting additional disqualifications after a certain number had been tallied during an Iron Man match
• Fixed an issue with the Handspring Enzuigiri springboard move not being performed properly
• COM Superstars now perform backstage-specific OMG! moves with greater frequency when they are in an appropriate position and have the requisite Finisher stock
• Addressed an issue with performing strikes against a seated opponent
• Fixed a warping issue when performing the Earthquake Splash move
• Fixed an issue with the user being able to perform the Sister Abigail 2 pin combo

You can click here to see all of the patch notes. It’s a very large patch so read carefully. The patch size is 1.294 GB on PS4. We will let you know when the update goes live on Xbox One.

- This article was updated on:February 27th, 2018

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