Attack of the Fanboy

Xbox 360 Hackers Snag On-Disc DLC from Capcom

by William Schwartz


It’s becoming pretty standard practice for developers to release games with unlockable DLC, what’s not standard practice is hackers unlocking the content before it’s time for release.  That’s precisely what Street Fighter x Tekken players have been doing on the Xbox 360.  Users are apparently taking hacked Xbox 360 consoles onto Xbox Live with the unlocked content and playing on the online service with the downloadable characters who aren’t available to the public.

Capcom calls it a “ballsy” move by the hackers on the Unity Forums, and is said to be working with the Xbox enforcement team to ban these players that are in violation.  The publisher is also asking for community help if you run across someone with the unlocked content they ask you if you “capture screens or video of this in action”.

Earlier it was discovered that Capcom had included 12 unlockable characters on the Street Fighter x Tekken disc that will be made available later this year, once the game releases on the PlayStation Vita.

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