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Xbox 720 ‘Not about games’, says Braid developer

by William Schwartz


Jonathan Blow recently announced that his next game will be heading to the PlayStation 4 before it arrives anywhere else. PS4 owners will get first crack at The Witness, and Blow recently elaborated on why he’s decided to go with Sony this time around, instead of Microsoft to launch his next game.

Blow explains that Microsoft has a different agenda with the Xbox 720 than the plans we saw from Sony with the PlayStation 4.

“They talk about a console that is not strictly about games. It’s trying to be the center of the living room device, which is fine and maybe it’s the right thing for Microsoft to do, business-wise. I don’t know; I actually don’t think it is, but they’ve certainly thought about it more than me.”

While it seems that Blow is skeptical of the Xbox 720, it could stem from the bad experiences that he described when working with the console-maker on Braid for the Xbox 360. “Who knows, maybe it’ll turn out to be just as bad at the end! But I don’t think so,” Blow said about the PS4.

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