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Xbox One DVR features only for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

by William Schwartz


Some of the functionalities on the Xbox One will be gated behind the Xbox Live Gold subscription. Microsoft has outlined which features will be premium services on the Xbox One, and which won’t. Recently updated on the Xbox One website with an infographic about the upcoming console, it appears that DVR functionality, the One Guide, Skype, and Smart Match will all be gated behind the subscription.

These are some of the features that Microsoft has been touting as of late. The Smart Match feature is said to be a tool that helps make Xbox Live into a better online community, and it makes sense that this is gated behind the paywall of Xbox Live. The DVR functionality and Guide features on the other hand, doesn’t.

But wait…there’s more! Xbox Live also gives you “Unrivaled multiplayer gaming” and “Premium Entertainment Apps” (That require you pay a separate subscription to use), as well as Internet Explorer and “Exclusive Deals and Special Offers”.

Oddly, there’s no mention of the Xbox Live Cloud that has been talked about so heavily in recent months.

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