Xbox Games With Gold for November 2021 Revealed

Moving Out will make you and your friends work harder than ever.

by Carlos Hurtado

Xbox Live Gold members are going to be very excited about November’s additions to its roster of games. These months’ titles have a little bit of everything, from platformers to Sega-era classics like Rocket Knight.

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The Xbox Gold membership gives players a chance to play many new games each month. From First Person Shooters to Indie games from small studios. Each month new releases are available for a limited time, and many players get to try new games. Something that without the membership would not happen.

Yesterday, the Xbox website revealed November’s game line-up to all players, including the dates on which it is going to be available. Xbox Live Gold members are going to have access to these games for a limited time, and so will Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. September’s additions gave players some good games like Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Warhammer: Chaosbane.

Xbox Games With Gold for November 2021 Revealed


Moving Out is a fun little game that puts players in the shoes of a moving company. The game looks a lot like Overcooked and Human Flat Fall. Making it appealing to a large audience. Moving Out offers players a single-screen co-op experience like no other. Letting players apply all the knowledge they have gathered through many movings. The co-op title will bring many different scenarios challenging players while requiring teamwork and communication. Don’t be surprised if this game becomes your go-to title in your next family and friend gatherings. Moving Out has all the elements a good party game needs. Moving Out will be available from November 1 to 30.


Kingdom Two Crowns this pixel art side scroller mixes classic side scroller elements and a minimalist art style. You will play as a monarch, gathering loyal followers to build and protect the kingdom from greedy creators looking to steal your wealth and crown. Kingdom Two Crowns is available from November 16 to December 15.


Rocket Knight is a 2.5D platformer released in 2010, developed by Climax Studios and Published by Konami.  The hero from the classic Sega Sparkster series comes home after 15 years to find his home in Shambles. Players will have to use every resource at their disposal to defeat the menacing Wolf Army. Rocket Knight will be available from November 1 to 15.


Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes starts right after Bruce Wayne gets “The Man of the Year Award”, Batman and Robin have to fight their way out of trouble. Many of the DC Universe foes appear in this title, including The Joker, The Riddler, and Lex Luthor, so you will get to fight many recognizable characters, and you also will get to work along with other DC allies like Superman. Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes will be available from November 16 to 30.

This month’s titles have something for almost every type of player, from platformers to silly party games like Moving Out. Indie fans are going to be happy with Kingdom Two Crowns, its style of graphics, and gameplay. If you are looking for some Roblox games to play on Halloween, we got you covered.