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Xbox Live Black Friday Sales Have Already Begun

by Dean James


As hard as it may be to believe, tomorrow is already Thanksgiving, which means the biggest shopping day of the year is almost here with Black Friday. Many line up for insane deals at a variety of stores, but for those looking to stay home, Microsoft has a number of game sales that you can take advantage of right from your sofa.

Replacing their weekly Deals with Gold, Microsoft has tons of games on sale for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 this week, with even more unannounced games coming this weekend. The following are the games that will be on sale from now through next Monday, December 1.

Xbox One Black Friday Deals

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
Defense Grid 2Xbox One Game50%
StriderXbox One Game50%
Need for Speed Rivals: Complete EditionXbox One Game35%
Peggle 2Xbox One Game60%
EA Sports UFCXbox One Game67%
NBA Live 15Xbox One Game45%
Diablo III Ultimate Evil EditionXbox One Game40%
Angry Birds Star WarsXbox One Game75%
Amazing Spider-Man 2Xbox One Game60%
Rayman LegendsXbox One Game50%
Assassin’s Creed IV Black FlagXbox One Game30%
Sniper Elite IIIXbox One Game40%
Project Spark Champions Quest Play BundleAdd-on40%
Killer Instinct Ultra Edition Season 1Add-on50%
Valiant Hearts: The Great WarXbox One Game50%
Forza Motorsport 5 Game of the Year EditionXbox One Game40%
Forza Motorsport 5 Car passAdd-on25%
Warframe: 75 PlatinumAdd-on33%
Warframe: 170 PlatinumAdd-on33%
Warframe: 370 PlatinumAdd-on33%
Warframe: 1000 Platinum + ModAdd-on33%
Warframe: 2100 Platinum + ModAdd-on33%
Warframe: 3210 Platinum + ModAdd-on33%

Xbox 360 Black Friday Deals

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
F1 2014Games on Demand33%
DmCGames on Demand67%
Devil May Cry HD CollectionGames on Demand67%
Resident Evil 4Games on Demand67%
Bound By FlameGames on Demand50%
Final ExamArcade50%
Super Time ForceArcade40%
Slender: The ArrivalArcade50%
Sniper Elite IIIGames on Demand40%
Titanfall Season PassAdd-on75%
Prototype 2Games on Demand75%
Amazing Spiderman 2Games on Demand70%
Diablo III Ultimate Evil EditionGames on Demand50%
LA NoireGames on Demand75%
Red Dead RedemptionGames on Demand75%
Assassin’s Creed IV Black FlagGames on Demand33%
Trials FusionArcade50%
Valiant HeartsArcade50%
Persona 4 ArenaGames on Demand50%
State of DecayArcade67%
Magic 2015Arcade50%
Gears of War 3Games on Demand75%
Gears of War 2Games on Demand75%
Gears of WarGames on Demand67%
RAAM’s ShadowAdd-on66%
Gears of War 3 Season PassAdd-on75%
Lancer Complete Launch Collection SkinAdd-on66%
Launch Weapon Skin CollectionAdd-on78%
Battleblock TheaterArcade50%
Batman Arkham CityGames on Demand75%
Injustice Gods Among UsGames on Demand75%
SkyrimGames on Demand67%
Ultra Street Fighter IVAdd-on33%
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of ZGames on Demand60%
Jeremy McGrath’s OffroadArcade67%
BULLETSTORMGames on Demand85%
Burnout ParadiseGames on Demand80%
CrysisGames on Demand85%
Fight Night ChampionGames on Demand85%
Kingdoms of Amalur: ReckoningGames on Demand85%
Mirror’s EdgeGames on Demand80%
Need for Speed Hot PursuitGames on Demand85%
SkateGames on Demand80%
Skate 2Games on Demand80%
Skate 3Games on Demand80%
Hitman AbsolutionGames on Demand75%
Hitman HD PackGames on Demand80%
Just Cause 2Games on Demand67%
BorderlandsGames on Demand75%
Borderlands 2Games on Demand75%
SoulCalibur VGames on Demand75%
BullyGames on Demand75%
Midnight Club LAGames on Demand75%
Max Payne 3Games on Demand75%
Max Payne 3 R* PassAdd-on75%

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