Xbox March Update Patch Notes: Quick Resume Pin, Share Button Changes, and More

The March 2022 Xbox system update is here.

by Diego Perez


The March 2022 Xbox update has arrived, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This update is currently rolling out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S systems, and you may have to restart your console in order to see it. There’s nothing too major this month, but there are still some noteworthy changes made to the system, including a big improvement to Quick Resume and even further customizability options for the Xbox controller. Here’s everything new in the March 2022 Xbox update.

Pin to Quick Resume

The highlight of this patch is the ability to pin games to Quick Resume in order to organize your currently active titles. Two games can now be pinned in Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S, preventing them from ever dropping out of Quick Resume unless you manually remove them or the game needs to update.

That means you can keep a game running in the background via Quick Resume and keep it there permanently regardless of how many other games you play after it. To pin a game, just find it in your Quick Resume group, press the Menu button, and choose Pin to Quick Resume.

Share Button Remapping

The Share button on the new version of the Xbox wireless controller is used to capture screenshots and record gameplay footage, but not everyone uses that feature, making the button useless for some players. Now, the Share button can be remapped to perform a wide variety of functions just like the other buttons on the Xbox controller. You can open your friends list, mute your TV, and do a lot of other things like the Xbox Share button now after installing this update.

Xbox Device Firmware Updates

This is just a minor change, but the March 2022 Xbox update also brings a controller firmware update alongside it. All Xbox controllers, Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers can be updated on your Xbox console or PC.

New Audio Setup Wizard

Finally, the March 2022 Xbox update adds a new guided setup system for HDMI audio devices that can be accessed in the Volume & Audio Output settings menu. This will allow you to test all of the speakers connected to your console and choose the best surround sound or stereo configuration for your audio setup.

The Xbox March update is available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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