Xbox One Gamers Get Exclusive Early Access to Battlefield: Hardline with EA Access

by Kyle Hanson
Battlefield Hardline Hotwire

EA’s latest shooter Battlefield: Hardline might be hitting all of its platforms at the same time for its final release, but one subset of gamers will get to play the full game a bit early thanks to EA Access. Recently a fan asked the official Battlefield Twitter account whether or not Battlefield: Hardline would be available through the EA Access subscription program, to which the answer was a firm “yes”. In fact, as with many other EA titles released on the service, members will get early access to the title, giving them a bit of a head-start against their online foes.

Yes, you will be able to get early access to Battlefield Hardline through EA Access.

Of course the big sticking point here is that not everyone can become a subscriber to EA Access, in fact the service is still exclusively available on Xbox One, meaning PS4 and PC players will have to wait until the official release date on March 17th. What parts of the game will be available for the early access period is still unclear, will players have full access to the game, including multiplayer? Hopefully we get some clarification as the game gets closer to release, but one thing is for sure; if you want to play Battlefield: Hardline before it is officially released to everyone else you’ll need an Xbox One and an EA Access membership.

Based on previous early access periods, such as the one for FIFA 15, players will likely get access for a week before release. Then, if they go on to purchase the full game, their save file will be transitioned over so that they can continue without any lost time.

EA Access memberships have been the topic of a lot of debate among gamers. The initial idea behind the service seemed questionable, but EA has done a decent job of adding content for fans to justify their purchase. Of course there are the free games in The Vault, but also exclusive demos and, most pertinent for Battlefield: Hardline, early access periods of play. Subscriptions cost either $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year and, as mentioned previously, are exclusive to Xbox One at this time. Sony rejected the service for the PS4 by saying that it “isn’t a good value” for their customers.