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Xbox One Getting Update to “Prepare for the Future”

by William Schwartz


Xbox One owners will notice an update today for the console.  Larry Hryb has revealed that you shouldn’t expect any new features for the “small update,” and teased that it’s preparing the console with behind the scenes changes for new features to be released in the future.

“Your Xbox One will get a small update today,” said Hryb.  “No new features.  Just a few behind the scenes changes to prepare for the future.”

No new features.  Just a few behind the scenes changes to prepare for the future.

Hryb didn’t reveal what those future features were, but they could be related to Windows 10 with that July release looming.  The update could also be in preparation for anything that Microsoft is due to announce at E3 2015.  One such feature could be the oft-rumored new controller that Microsoft is set to roll out.  The one that would eliminate the need for a chat adapter by releasing a controller with a 3.5mm plug.

Microsoft introduced sweeping changes to the Xbox dashboards in the past.  Will E3 see such features revealed?  It’s a possibility.  Though the Xbox One Dashboard has been a constantly evolving thing since launch.  Microsoft has introduced monthly updates to the system to add new features that fans have asked for as well as improvements in overall functionality.

We’ll have to wait and see if these future changes are anything major or just iteration.

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