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Xbox One X Stock To Be Extremely Limited in the UK

by Jose Belmonte


The launch day of the Xbox One X is almost here, and Microsoft feels confident on the success of the console considering the reports of strong pre-order numbers they are receiving. However, this strong demand could actually play against the console in the United Kingdom, with retailers complaining that the amount of consoles distributed will not be nearly enough to satisfy the demand.

In conversation with MCV, one retailer who preferred to remain anonimous confirmed that it was receiving only five consoles for the release day, despite the fact they had asked for one hundred. Additionally, this is only about a quarter of the number of Xbox One consoles they received back in 2013. The situation repeats with both big chains and independent stores, with all of them highlighting how limited the Xbox One X release seems to be compared to the launch of the original model.

Exertis, the company which distributes the console to retailers, links the limited availability of the console to the high pre-orders received: “We are seeing very high demand for Xbox One X and while we are doing our best to keep up with that demand, unfortunately it is the case that, as with any new console launch, there is a limited amount of stock available. This is not specific to independent retailers and we are finding that every retailer would wish to have more Xbox One X stock for launch, which is reflective of the strong pre-order performance we are seeing.”

What to do if you live in the UK and want to get an Xbox One X on launch day? All retailers seem to share the same opinion that pre-ordering the console is the best way to prevent any disappointments on release day, so it may be a good idea to visit your favourite retailer and secure a console for yourself.

Xbox One X launches on November 7th.

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