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Xbox One pre-orders in the U.S. might be getting a free game too

| September 4, 2013

Xbox One pre-orders in the U.S. might be getting a free game too News  Xbox One

Microsoft announced at Gamescom that all Xbox One Day One Editions in Europe would be getting a free copy of FIFA 14 while supplies last.   Terrific news for those in Europe, but what about free games for Microsoft’s home territory?  The company has yet to announce any freebies in the United States, but it appears that they may be getting set to reveal a similar promotion stateside.

According to a anonymous source of Digital Trends,  a Microsoft store representative has possibly outed the free game promotion, claiming that there will be free game but that “As of the moment, the game which will be free is still yet to be announced.  However, there will be a free game for the pre-ordered Xbox One.”

The representative says that Microsoft will shortly be updating the Xbox Wire with information about this promotion.   So what game might it be?  And why didn’t Microsoft just announce it all at once?  Digital Trends is speculating that the free game will be Madden NFL 25.   It could be just about any game at this point.  A recent development in the UK promotion has retailers offering day one pre-order customers the option to get Forza 5 for free instead of the announced FIFA 14.

Since neither Microsoft or EA has yet to confirm this promotion, we’ll have to wait and see if in fact there is a free game to be had for US customers.  The Xbox One was recently announced to be arriving on November 22nd.

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  • Crapgamer

    I’d take Madden, or Zoo Tycoon or preferably Forza 5 as a free game. Anything at this point would be nice.

    • Xavier Parks


  • Country Boy Lucifer

    Really surprised if they don’t, I’d be pissed if i was in north america and for no reason got less than europe

    • Crapgamer

      Well you have to keep in mind that different territories get different versions and bundles all the time. It’d be nice, but nobody is going to cancel their pre-order because they don’t get Madden or something over here. Microsoft is releasing Xbox One with a game, and earlier than the PS4 in EU in order to gain some ground, they do amazingly well here in North America.

      Again I state I’d love a free game, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker.

    • Xavier Parks

      Why? Parts of Europe are not getting the Xbox One at launch, that was the reason for FIFA in the 1st place

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        No it wasn’t, the territories that miss the release date are getting a different free game, fifa is only for those who ordered the day 1 edition as some sort of incentive, there was no reason for them doing it other than to try and make sure people who pre ordered still went with x1

        not sure why i’m getting hate for this, simply saying if i thought north america got a free game with their console and i didn’t i’d be pissed, it’s a pretty reasonable statement to make

        • Xavier Parks

          At Gamescom MS announced they had to scale back their worldwide launch. As a result of those who had already preordered they would get FIFA in Europe (basically a gesture of saying sorry, keep your preorders), even if you will get the Xbox One at launch in the UK or if you will get it in 2014 in Belgium

  • Facts First

    Microsoft is one of the most generous and loyal to their fans, I don’t expect anything less than a top AAA game for free from them just as a thank you to the fans for supporting the console.

    Unlike Sony who gives you a free DRIVE CLUB DEMO, but only if you pay for PlayStation Plus..LOL WUT


      Sony has always been famous for milking every little bit they can from their customers.

      No wonder they keep posting losses each quarter.

      Sad really.

    • Dave

      you and hipster are the most confusing ppl on this site… Microsoft loyal? huh. you’ve been paying them for about 7 years. A ps3 gamer has saved plenty of money. 50 bucks a year and we’ve accumulated more free games then xbox has even fathomed giving out. I know you’re a troll and all. You just remind me of cancer is all. One of those ppl that needs attention. Its okay though, we give it to you. Do your research before you think that Drive Club is the only free games we’re getting. i dont understand how you can bash on PS plus when you’ve been paying for online this whole time.

      As hipster would say…

      Sad really.

    • dave mcnair

      Sadly (for you) there’s a tonne of other quality free games also to play online at launch for ps4.

      I’ve never seen a launch quite like it. I don’t even need to buy a single game for f**ks sakes lol

      *Ecstatic really* ?

  • Mattress

    I’d say they will get something. Just found out 1/2 hr ago that Day One preorders get Fifa14 bundled in with console here in New Zealand. That makes the Xbox One better value for money here (assuming you would want Fifa – which I do).

    $750NZD gets you Xbox One + Kinect + Fifa14.

    PS4 prices are $650 for console + $70-100 for PS Eye (unconfirmed) + $110 for Fifa14 = total $830NZD.

    Guess MS were right that Xbox is good value – at least here in NZ.

    • Duke

      Holy crap… I didn’t realise that’s how much you guys had to pay… Here I was thinking Aussies like me get jipped for paying $549 for the PS4 or $599 for the Xbox One…. Unlucky!

      • Mattress

        The Aussie Dollar is doing quite well which is why the big difference I believe

      • Mattress

        Also do you lads and gals get a bundled in game? I’d have thought you’d get FIFA as well if we do

        • Duke

          Nothing as of yet… Neither eb games or Jb HiFi have said anything but it’s going to be more than likely that the Xbox One will get fifa 14 since we all fall under the European/PAL territory.

          Funny how Americans complain over their prices when they get it better compared to all other regions.

          • Mattress

            Yeah well New Zealand is a beautiful and safe place to live in. So I can’t really complain – but when it comes to anything technological, books, CDs, games, actually any consumer product really, we do get shafted in terms of pricing here.

            Edit: Confirmed on IGN that FIFA14 is bundled in with Xbox One Day One orders in Aussie too.

          • Guest

            Confirmed on IGN that FIFA14 is bundled in with Xbox One Day One orders in Aussie too.

          • Duke

            Yeh I saw that, posted my comment before that was confirmed.


            lower wages, america is gone. gun crime, poor/no public health care [if you dont have insurance they let you die on the street] high unemployment rates, 16 trillion dollars in debt

            even mexico has higher standards of living

            sad really

          • Duke

            Im saying for the pricing of general goods. When Americans complained about spending $600 for the PS3… It was $1000 here at the time of launch and higher in New Zealand (not to mention similar pricing in Europe).

            Sure our infrastructure is good but also crap, our economy is better, our politians are shithouse, our schools/hospitals/police are all getting worse, our dollar is also worse and our laws are pathetic… You guys may have a lower average income but we also have a higher tax on our wages, not to mention everything has a Goods and Service Tax (GST) which is why shit costs so much here.

            Where I live (Perth), it is the 10th most expensive city in the world to live in. The place is terrible. For the amount of money Perth has, our city is in shambles. And the only reason it is so expensive is because we are one, if not the single biggest state in the world for the Mining Industry (I work in it, so it’s ironic).

            Anywhooo, enough crap about stuff thats not really interesting, back to the real reason were all here on this site… Xbox is gayyyyyyyyy!

            Sad really! :)

          • Cgeo88

            Dude what are you talking about? Have you ever been to the states? The gun violence is way over hyped, people have this idea that your dodging bullets walking down the street, and it’s not like that at all, there may not be any public health, but that doesn’tean by anyways people are left to die in the streets, anyone taken to the hospital has to be stablized before they are released, and there are tons of programs to help people with low income, with absolutely every aspect of life, including health care, I work in the emergency medical field and I assure you that if you don’t have insurance you still won’t be left to die, even though something like 90 percent of people don’t pay thier medical bills, they still receive treatment, if you think Mexico has a higher standard of living, you obviously haven’t been to Mexico in the last, well forever

    • Toto

      Thats assuming you want the PS Eye.
      I don’t know if the pack that in Europe is also present in NZ.
      PS4 + Killzone + 2nd controller + PS Eye at the XB1 price. Because in termes of value nothing beats that deal.

      • JP

        I couldn’t agreed more

      • Mattress

        Yeah I saw that Europe deal and it is pretty sweet. I haven’t seen it available in NZ yet but still plenty of time.

        I’m wary that the PS Eye isn’t bundled in with the system though. I understand some people don’t want it – each to their own. But I see the Kinect and Eye having great innovative abilities. Having the Eye as an accessory and not a key part of the system, I believe will restrict the number of games and features that will be produced for it. Either that or Sony know that it is simply not as good as the Kinect which is why they are pulling support for it.


      what about australia

  • Boz

    Why give a free game? Why not just knock off 65 bucks off the system instead? Either way its money lost. EA Im sure is getting paid by MS at this point to cough up copies they just don’t give them away.

    • Mattress

      Because MS won’t be paying $65 for each game. They will be paying far less than that due to their bargaining power. So we the consumer get $65 added value but MS end up paying less for the bundled in game – everyone wins.

      • Nathan O

        Especially if its Forza as they own the studio that develops it.

  • Xavier Parks

    I’d take any game for free, but the fact it’s FIFA or now Forza 5 is great for gamers.

  • Toto

    “Microsoft announced at Gamescom that all Xbox One Day One Editions in Europe would be getting a free copy of FIFA 14 while supplies last”

    Its a digital copy offered!! What do you mean by while supplies last??

    • Guest

      FIFA 14 only comes with the Day One Editions. These editions are limited in quantity. Once those are gone, no more free FIFA.

      • Toto

        Got it. Thanks. That actually made sense. :)

  • Jeff George

    This years Madden isnt going to be next-gen enough for me to want it for free.

  • disqus_GOTHZbVHu7

    Probably some stupid Kinect Sports garbage

    • GK15

      Lol! Still complaining no matter what

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