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Xbox Spring Sale Is A Major Letdown This Year

by Dean James


Earlier this week we told you about the latest round of weekly sales for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, but that is not the only sales they are offering this week. In addition to those sales, they are holding their annual Xbox Spring Sale as they do at this time every year. While there is a high quantity of choices, the overall picks this year are a big letdown.

The biggest cause of this dispapointment is that the Xbox Spring Sale 2015 is littered with an abundance of Season Passes, without the actual games associated with them seeing any discount for the most part. This includes games like Far Cry 4, The Crew, Shadow of Mordor and many more. Instead, the actual game offerings on Xbox One are discounts on Zoo Tycoon, Tetris Ultimate, and others like that.

The Xbox 360 side offers more in the way of actual games in the Xbox Spring Sale, but the selection is rather disappointing here as well. The Rock Band sale we told you about the other day is included and that is pretty decent at least.

Xbox One Spring Sales

Content TitleContent TypeGold DiscountSilver Discount
Disney Fantasia: Music EvolvedXbox One Game50%40%
Rabbids Invasion Gold EditionXbox One Game50%40%
Zoo TycoonXbox One Game60%50%
Kinect Sports RivalXbox One Game50%40%
Tetris UltimateXbox One Game40%33%
Monopoly PlusXbox One Game40%33%
Max: The Curse of BrotherhoodXbox One Game75%67%
Boom Ball for KinectXbox One Game50%40%
Beachbody P90X for Xbox FitnessXbox One Game33%25%
The Crew Season PassAdd-On30%20%
Watch Dogs Season PassAdd-On30%20%
Far Cry 4 Season PassAdd-On30%20%
Lara Croft Temple of Osiris & SPAdd-On60%50%
Shadow of Mordor Season PassAdd-On60%50%
Project Spark Champion Play QuestAdd-On60%50%
Ryse: Son of Rome Season PassAdd-On50%40%
Alien Isolation Season PassAdd-On50%40%
Rabbids Invasion Season PassAdd-On30%25%
My MonopolyAdd-On50%40%

Xbox 360 Spring Sales

Content TitleContent TypeGold DiscountSilver Discount
Disney Fantasia: Music EvolvedGames On Demand50%40%
Rabbids Invasion: Interactive TVGames On Demand50%40%
Zoo TycoonGames On Demand67%60%
The VoiceGames On Demand50%40%
TMNT (Retail)Games On Demand75%67%
Kinect Sports: Season 2Games On Demand67%60%
Virtua Tennis 4Games On Demand75%67%
Rockstar Table TennisGames On Demand80%75%
Rayman OriginsGames On Demand67%60%
Summer StarsGames On Demand85%75%
Winter StarsGames On Demand85%75%
Mini NinjasGames On Demand75%67%
Max: The Curse of the BrotherhoodArcade67%60%
Guacamelee STCEArcade60%50%
Tony Hawk’s PS HDArcade60%50%
Trials HDArcade50%40%
Motocross MadnessArcade50%40%
Castle of IllusionArcade50%40%
Freefall RacersArcade75%67%
Let’s Sing and DanceArcade50%40%
Rock Band 3Games On Demand50%40%
The Crew Season PassAdd-On30%20%
Watch Dogs Season PassAdd-On30%20%
Far Cry 4 Season PassAdd-On30%20%
Alien Isolation Season PassAdd-On50%40%
Rabbids Invasion Season PassAdd-On30%25%
P4AU Navigation Set AAdd-On40%33%
P4AU Navigation Set BAdd-On40%33%
P4AU P4A StoryAdd-On40%33%
Forza 4 VIPAdd-On67%60%
Rock Band 3 – Ozzy Osbourne 8-PackAdd-On50%40%
Rock Band 3 – Aerosmith GreatestAdd-On50%40%
Rock Band 3 – The Black Keys Pack 02Add-On50%40%
Rock Band 3 – Pretty Hate Pack 01Add-On50%40%

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