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Xbox will get a Destiny Beta next month too


It looks like the beta for Destiny won’t be exclusive to the PlayStation. Bungie has recently updated its code redemption page to reveal than an Xbox One and Xbox 360 beta for Destiny will be arriving “Soon after” a brief exclusive window on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

It does appear that all beta access will be tied to pre-ordering the game though.

A couple of different reports are suggesting that the Destiny Beta will arrive on Xbox only a couple days after the July 17th launch on the PlayStation.

The good news is that everyone will get a chance to play the game before it launches, the bad news is that it’s tied to a pre-order. For those that haven’t tried it in the past, Amazon is a great way to get this pre-order access, while still reserving the right to cancel the pre-order without penalty.

Both game listings on Amazon feature a Beta Access promotional code, but Bungie has updated their Beta page to say that supplies of these codes are limited.

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