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Yacht Club Games Will “Completely Finish” Shovel Knight This Year

by Mike Guarino


While Shovel Knight originally launched in 2014 and took the gaming world by storm with its fantastic retro gameplay, the game has managed to stay alive beyond that point via new versions of the game featuring new content and free DLC. However, even though there is much more to come for Shovel Knight this year developer Yacht Club Games claims that they will “completely finish” the game this year.

In an interview with Nintendo Life the developers were asked about whether or not the game would be supported beyond 2016, to which one of the developers replied with, “I’d say our goal is to completely finish Shovel Knight in 2016! That’s what we’re hoping to do.” They go on to say that they have never worked on a single game for so long and starting with a new idea after 2016 seems strange to them after so much time with Shovel Knight.

While the content for Shovel Knight will be coming to an end this year, there are still plenty of things to look forward to before that happens. Two more campaigns will be coming that feature both Specter Knight and King Knight will be added to the game, as well as a very promising battle mode that will only be available to play on console versions of the game. Release windows for the new content haven’t been revealed at this point in time.

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