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Quantum Break Developer Working On New Game For PlayStation 4

by Al McCarthy


Remedy Entertainment just revealed their financial results for the fiscal year of 2016.  While most of us surely don’t care about how much revenues they’ve made or year over year growth, tucked away inside this investor information was a glimpse at what the future holds for the developer of titles like Alan Wake, Max Pain, and more recently, Quantum Break.

Apparently Remedy has a new game in the works that they’re codenaming “P7.”  The financial report didn’t detail what this game was, but it did reveal that Remedy’s strategy with this next game would be to release the game on a wider variety of platforms, naming the PlayStation 4.

Northlight, Remedy’s proprietary engine and the power behind Quantum Break is being developed for use on the PlayStation 4 according to the announcement.

While the last decade has seen Remedy titles launch exclusively on Xbox and PC, it looks like they’ll be going fully multi-platform with “P7.”  The press release did not detail, however, whether or not they’d be targeting the Nintendo Switch as well.

So when can we expect “P7,”  no further details were given but Remedy has been known to make a very specific type of game in recent years with both Alan Wake and Quantum Break being very similar in terms of both gameplay and storytelling devices.

This should be considered a big get for PlayStation 4 owners as both Alan Wake and Quantum Break were great games.  Unfortunately it looks like Microsoft can’t tie down any of the studios who’ve pushed out big exclusives for the Xbox One.  Remedy Entertainment, Respawn, Insomniac, and Crystal Dynamics have all released Xbox exclusives only to later move on to projects on that involve releasing on the PlayStation 4.

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