AOTF Podcast #1

by AOTF Staff

In our first episode of the AOTF Podcast William and Kyle talk about:

PAX East 

Adrift (6:00)
Jotun, We Happy Few (11:00)
Final Fantasy XV (17:00)
Overwatch (24:00)
The Witcher 3 (28:00)
Smite (37:30)

What we’ve been playing 

Ori and the Blind Forest (43:00)
Codename Steam (49:00)
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (56:00)

The News
Drinky Time (1:03:00)
Xbox vs. PS4
Uncharted 4 Delay
GTA Online
Titanfall 2

What we’re looking forward to for next week

Mario Party 10 (1:24:30)
Battlefield: Hardline (1:28:30)


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