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AOTF Podcast #51: Xbox’s Trajectory, PUBG is Broken, and NBA 2K18 Microtransactions

by Kyle Hanson


Hey guys, welcome back for AOTF Podcast #51. You might be surprised to see me here since last episode I talked about how Hurricane Irma wasn’t coming my way, right before it turned straight toward me, but I survived! Sure, I went a few days without power, thus delaying this podcast for a week, but I’m here  with Will and we’re ready to talk about the gaming news that I have barely been able to pay attention to while I cleaned up debris from my yard.

This includes our usual favorite topic of Phil Spencer and his crazy ideas for how Xbox One should work. Congratulations are in order as Phil has been promoted recently, marking gaming as a major focus for Microsoft ans showing that the company has faith in the vision that he is presenting. We’re a bit more skeptical though, even though we love our Xbox One’s and even have Xbox One X’s on preorder. The lack of exclusives is a huge problem, and there’s still a lot of lingering questions about the future of the platform without them. We’ll wait and see what is in store though.

Of course, Xbox One does have a big (timed) console exclusive heading its way with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise known as PUBG by the gaming world, and Brokengrounds by Will. The game just set yet another record on Steam, and the Xbox One release will only make it bigger. We both enjoy the game, but Will has turned pretty sour on the whole thing. He plays competitively and the glitches that some people find charming are game breaking for him. What do you think?

Other stuff we cover includes Battleborn shutting down, Nintendo making everyone cry with their tribute to Satoru Iwata that’s bundled with every Switch. and your weekly Pokemon Go news update. We also talk about what we played, which includes NBA 2K18 (and its microtransactions), Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider, Pokken Tournament DX, and more. Check out AOTF Podcast #51 below for all these stories, and more.

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