E3 2017: Are You Sure You Want to Play Skyrim Again?

by William Schwartz


E3 2017 comes to a close and we make a mad dash to see and play all of things that we didn’t get to in days one and two.  Our third day at the show brought us to Warner Bros. to go hands-on with the impressive Shadow of War, over to Bethesda to check out a rather unimpressive hands-on, crashing demo on Wolfenstein 2.  At Square Enix we got a chance to see the unnecessary prequel to Life is Strange.

Crytek surprised with an interesting game that’s coming sometime in the future with Hunt: Showdown.  A mix between Evolve and Day-Z, Hunt: Showdown is still in early form but it sounds and looks like it could bring Crytek back from the brink if this multiplayer shooter that has players tracking monsters and fighting each other for loot ever sees the light of day.

Kyle’s sidewalk purchases of food did not give him food poisioning surprisingly, and god willing his airplane will have him home safely within the next 12 hours or so.  Check back with AOTF for the thrilling conclusion to E3 2017 as Kyle and I give our final impressions of the show, our favorite games, and “winners” of the convention.

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