AOTF Podcast #17: Uncharted 4 30 FPS, The Last of Us 2, Batman: Arkham Knight Still Busted

by AOTF Staff

This week on the Attack of the Fanboy Podcast, Kyle, Anthony, and Will settle in to the reality that the summer video game doldrums are here.  Does Uncharted 4 need to be in sixty frames per second? Should Naughty Dog make another The Last of Us game and does it really matter what we think?

Kyle makes a strong case for why the latest rumors about Nintendo’s next console coming in summer 2016 are false, and other topics that we discussed can be found by clicking the button below.

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Does Uncharted 4 30 FPS Matter? (2:10)

The Last of Us 2? (6:20)

Nintendo NX coming in July 2016 (13:45)

AOTF Podcast Bold Predictions #128 “Can we at least get over the fact that the new Zelda isn’t going to be a Wii U exclusive?” (27:00)

Fallout Shelter Finally Coming Android (29:55)

What is the meaning of life Todd Howard? (33:00)

AOTF Podcast Bold Declaration #9932 Nobody owns Android Phones (34:00)

- This article was updated on February 8th, 2018