AOTF Podcast #25: The Division Giveaway, VR Disaster, Dark Souls 3 Hate, and Xbox NeXt

by Kyle Hanson

After a bit of a hiatus, the AOTF Podcast is back with the long awaited Episode #25. Will and I take some time to discuss the latest news and rumors, before diving into the games we played over the last week. Also, be sure to listen to the whole thing, as we give instructions for our The Division Season Pass giveaway for the Xbox One.

Starting things off, we talk about the massive disaster that is the Oculus Rift launch, with the HTC Vive not really looking that much better as of late. It seems like the whole world was waiting for VR to hit, only for it to limp along, rather than blast onto the scene as new platforms must.

There were also a ton of rumors to go over this week, with the Xbox NeXt, PS4.5 or 4K, and even some more fresh speculation about the Nintendo NX. While both of us admit that the quick iterative updates might be the way consoles are heading, we aren’t really sure if it is a good thing, or a sign of the death of consoles themselves. PC gaming continues to grow, and the question is, will this simply push more gamers onto that platform. Meanwhile, Microsoft isn’t really doing great in the exclusives department, with big names like Quantum Break jumping to PC. Why buy an Xbox One without exclusives?

Finally we chat more about what we played, including Dark Souls 3. I’m a relative newbie for the series, so we went over some of my frustrations, and how our review was received by the community. I’m also enjoying Star Fox Zero, though the controls are a constant worry. Will took some time to enjoy a couple of indie titles, with Enter the Gungeon thoroughly impressing him, while Hyper Light Drifter is a bit of a mixed bag. On the AAA side, Quantum Break was a confusing mess, with excellent and terrible moments mixed in throughout.

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- This article was updated on February 21st, 2018