E3 Day Zero Wrap-Up Podcast: Microsoft, EA, and Bethesda

by William Schwartz


Technically E3 doesn’t start until June 11th, but with companies jockying for position in getting their message out in a non-crowded environment things have started earlier and earlier each year.  This year, EA decided to go completely off the reservation taking their EA Play event far outside of the normal convention area and pushing the festivities up a day.  Sunday, which Kyle & I discuss in this Day Zero podcast cover Microsoft and Bethesdas announcements.

We grade the two companies on their annual press events, with Microsoft having a pretty important one this year with the final reveal of the Xbox One X (Formerly known as Scorpio).  We ponder the merits of Bethesda actually holding a press conference this year with both of their big titles leaking ahead of the show, leaving them with a big announcement of Paid Mods coming to Fallout 4 and Skyrim.  Not exactly the best news in the world.

Kyle’s not so sure about Microsoft’s Press Conference, claiming that Sony’s conference last year was better than Microsoft’s 2017 showing.  Bold, bold words.  Fighting words, actually in a conference that was all about games.

We’ll be here all week so check back in from Sunday to Thursday for all of our thoughts and impressions from E3 2017.


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