Atlus Potentially Announcing ‘Persona 5 R’ Soon

Even even better version of Persona 5, you say? Sign us up!

by Jacob Bukacek


Persona 5 currently stands as one of the most well-received games in the series to date, and rumor has it that it might be getting even better soon. Back in 2017, it was discovered that Atlus had registered several domain names related to the Persona series. This is a standard thing to do, but an important development regarding these domains, including “P5R.JP” occurred earlier this week.

According to Persona Central, Atlus has moved the domain’s hosting services to their own name servers. This is significant because, as Persona Central again points out, Atlus has a habit of announcing their games about a week or so after doing this, and there just so happens to be a special broadcast of Persona 5: The Animation airing in Japan on December 30. Known examples of of this pattern include the announcement of Persona Q2 and Catherine: Full Body, which were announced six and eight days after their name servers were moved respectively.

As for the actual meaning of “P5R,” the prevailing rumor says it’s a “complete” or enhanced version of Persona 5; Persona Central cites a survey sent out by Atlus in February 2017 asking fans what they’d like to see in the future, with one of the options being a version of “Persona 5 with added scenarios and new elements.” There is also the chance that this could be the rumored Persona 5 fighting game, but there’s no knowing for certain until the official announcement finally comes. The good news right now is that we’ll be learning what it is pretty soon if Atlus holds true to their pattern.

- This article was updated on:December 26th, 2018

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