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Quantic Dream May Be Working on Star Wars Game

An insider hints that a Stars Wars game by Quantic Dream is on the way.
Quantic Dream Star Wars game cover

Signs indicate that the French video game development studio Quantic Dream may be hard at work on a new Star Wars game. Alongside plenty of suspicious job listings from the studio, Tom Henderson, who is a notable video game insider, has also dropped a cryptic Tweet suggesting Quantic Dream may have Star Wars on the mind.

Henderson, who writes for Dualshockers, sent out a Tweet on the 18th of September which featured Conner from Detroit: Become Human, one of Quantic Dream’s most successful games. In front of Connor are two lightsabers obviously taken from Star Wars. The hint could not be louder.

Recent job listings from Quantic Dream support the theory that they may be planning a new Star Wars game. On their site, they advertise posts for job titles such as “Senior Writer – Action/Adventure”, “Senior Level Designer”, “Gameplay Programmer,” and other positions you would expect for a big AAA title.

Although Quantic Dream has yet to speak on the topic, the studio’s past record may give some vague idea of what to expect. Previous titles from Quantic Dream include Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls, all of which are story-based games that focus on dialogue and branching narratives to deliver their plot. Although they are light on gameplay, they feature top-notch visuals and engaging stories that vary wildly depending on the choices you make. It could be possible that the studio hopes to make a Star Wars game using the same formula that has served them well in the past.

For gaming fans who are also fond of Star Wars, there is plenty to be excited for. In addition to the rumored Quantic Dream game, there is also Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake which was shown off at the Sony PlayStation showcase.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake has yet to receive a release date.

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