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Next Pokémon GO Community Day Might Feature Charmander

The Fire-type starter is rumored to take center stage during the next Community Day.

by Dylan Siegler


The April Pokémon GO Community Day took place yesterday, as tons of players came out to catch as many Mareep as they could. Now that it’s over, though, many are wondering what Pokémon the next Community Day will center around. Niantic usually posts news about upcoming Community Days shortly after the most recent one has ended, but it looks like news about May’s Community Day may have come right after April’s concluded.

A post on The Silph Road Sub-Reddit shows a screenshot of an email allegedly sent by Niantic Support claiming that May’s Pokémon GO Community Day will feature the Fire-type starter Charmander. This would mean that, like all featured Community Day Pokémon, players would have a good chance at finding a shiny Charmander, as well as having the opportunity to have a Charmeleon that evolves into Charizard on the day learn an exclusive move upon evolution.

However, there are reasons to be skeptical of this email. Some Redditors have pointed out that the email suspiciously begins with “Hello Sam,” as opposed to the usual “Hello Trainer,” though others have claimed that they have received emails from Niantic Support calling them by their first names as well. The fact that “fire-type” isn’t capitalized in the email is also strange, though it is also possible that not everyone who works in Niantic’s Support team knows about Pokémon well enough to know that types are capitalized. It’s also weird, however, that the announcement of the next Community Day would come via Support email as opposed to an official post on the Niantic or Pokémon GO site or social media pages. Also, the fact that this email was apparently sent on the same day as the April Community Day, rather than the announcement coming a few days after, is odd. We’ll probably know more details for sure soon, as Niantic is almost guaranteed to give official details on May’s Community Day within the next week or two.

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