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Pokémon GO’s Christmas Event Might Introduce Delibird

by Dylan Siegler


It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s about time Pokémon GO started its next holiday-themed in-game event. While there has not been an official announcement yet on what Pokémon GO‘s 2017 Christmas event will entail, a post on Reddit offers a possibility.

Reddit user kk5566 recently posted a Taiwanese advertisement for the game’s next holiday event on The Silph Road sub-reddit. kk5566 then translated the ad, which reveals the following information: 1. Special boxes with Incubators will be on sale during the event, as well as the inclusion of a new item that looks to be called a “Starpiece”; 2. at least 10 new Hoenn Pokémon will be introduced into the game; and 3. Delibird will be introduced into the game and the Santa Hat Pikachu from last year will return.

Special boxes with Incubators going on sale seems to be regular practice for all of Pokémon GO‘s holiday events lately, so that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. This new “Starpiece” item is interesting, though. In the main series games, Starpieces are items that are pretty much useless, except to sell them for a lot of money. Then again, the same can be said for Stardust, which took on a completely different role in the AR mobile game, so I guess we’ll see what Starpieces do, if this information is correct.

Aside from new Hoenn Pokémon, probably the most exciting thing about this information, if accurate, is the inclusion of Delibird, a Pokémon that has evaded inclusion in the game for some time now. Of all the Pokémon in the first two Generations, there are only four that have yet to be included in Pokémon GO, and Delibird is one of them (the other three are Mew, Smeargle and Celebi), so those trying to fill out their Pokédexes are sure to look forward to this event.

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