Tales Of Vesperia Might Be Getting A Remaster

Could Tales of Vesperia finally be coming to a PlayStation platform in the West?

by Jelani James


Tales fans have been begging Bandai Namco for it for years, and if a recent discovery means anything, it seems it could finally happen: Tales of Vesperia might be getting a remaster.

As noted by Gematsu, the discovery in question is a password-protected website with the url which is presumably for the Tales of Vesperia remaster that is reportedly in production in order to celebrate the JRPG’s 10th anniversary.

For those not in the know, this quite a big deal. Tales of Vesperia, despite being regarded as one of the best in the series, is a title that many fans have had little access to due to how it was released. The initial version came out for the Xbox 360 in Aug. 2008, but considering that said platform isn’t known for its wide selection of JRPGs, it’s unlikely a fan of the genre would own one. It looked like the situation was going to rectify itself a year later in Sept. 2009 when the game arrived on the PlayStation 3, but that release was a Japanese exclusive, meaning most would need a translation guide to play through it.

The reason for this discrepancy still isn’t known. Back in April 2011, Namco’s Community Manager alleged that Microsoft had payed to keep Tales of Vesperia as an Xbox 360 exclusive in the West, but she soon retracted that statement, revealing it was all an assumption on her part. Assumption or not, however, the fact still remains that we never got it on a PlayStation console in the West.

Thankfully, this may change if the website really is an allusion to the rumored ToV remaster. And luckily we might not have to wait too long to know for sure, as Gematsu is also reporting that several sources say Bandai Namco plan to make the announcement at E3 2018 next week.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks.

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