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The Wolf Among Us Season Two Might Be Announced at Comic-Con

by Dylan Siegler


Telltale Games, the company behind the narrative adventures The Walking DeadTales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones, among others, recently tweeted out that they have an announcement (or announcements?) in store for this year’s Comic-Con, which will take place July 20-23 in San Diego.

A PlayStationLifeStyle article pointed out that this tweet was retweeted by voice actor Adam Harrington. Harrington just so happens to be the voice behind Bigby Wolf, the playable character in Telltale’s popular series The Wolf Among Us, based on the Fables comics. Ever since the release of the game’s season finale in 2014, fans have been hounding Telltale for a second season. Could this announcement be an answer to those requests?

It’s worth pointing out, however, that Harrington retweeting Telltale’s tweet doesn’t necessarily mean the announcement at Comic-Con will be related to The Wolf Among Us. Telltale uses a lot of the same voice actors for different projects and Harrington is no exception. Along with playing minor roles in Tales from the BorderlandsThe Walking Dead and Minecraft: Story Mode, Harrington is also currently voicing Groot in Telltale’s adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy. So it’s possible that the Comic-Con announcement will just be the release date of the third episode of Guardians of the Galaxy. Or it’s possible that Harrington will voice a character in a completely new Telltale series that will be announced, separate from Guardians of the Galaxy or The Wolf Among Us or any other previous Telltale series. Or it could just be that Harrington retweeted Telltale’s message because he’s excited, as a fan, for their announcement and it could actually have nothing to do with him. Who knows? But we’ll know for sure later this week when Telltale makes their Comic-Con announcement.

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