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There Might Be a Bayonetta 4

by Dylan Siegler


Today (February 16), Bayonetta 1 and 2 saw their debuts on the Switch as the second entry became available digitally and physically and a digital copy of the first comes bundled with it. We also know that there’s a third installment on the way, as was revealed during The 2017 Game Awards in December. Even though the third game doesn’t even have a release date yet, series director Hideki Kamiya is apparently already thinking about a fourth installment.

In a recent Tweet, Kamiya states what roughly translates to English as, “Well, I have plans for a fourth installment…” Technically, he doesn’t say anything about Bayonetta specifically here, but it doesn’t really make sense to talk about an upcoming fourth installment for any of the other series he has worked on, which include Devil May CryViewtiful JoeŌkami and The Wonderful 101. There’s already a Devil May Cry 4 and the other games I just mentioned don’t even have third installments, so it wouldn’t make sense to talk about fourth installments for those. With Bayonetta already on the forefront of everyone’s minds with a third installment on the way and the first two games coming to the Switch the same week as this Tweet was made, it seems like the logical conclusion is that Kamiya is indeed speaking of a fourth Bayonetta game.

That being said, Kamiya has been known to jokingly confirm sequels in the past, such as in this Tweet from last year, in which he confirms both Viewtiful Joe 3 and Half Life 3 based on fan speculations about some Bayonetta artwork, so it may be best to take everything he says at this point with a grain of salt.

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