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Avatar Kinect Coming to Xbox Live This Spring

by William Schwartz


Avatar Kinect is a new facial tracking application that is said to allow the Kinect to track facial expressions and head movement.  The software is going to be used in a social experiment by Microsoft this Spring where up to seven people will be able to interact on screen in themed environments which were displayed at CES 2011.  This facial tracking is said to occur without delay and will make for a one-of-a-kind social interaction never before seen on a console.

“Avatar Kinect will let you hang out and socialize with seven of your friends in a simulated environment,” said Umaimah Mendhro, a senior product manager for Microsoft Startup Business Group. “The gathering spots will range from the set of a late-night talk show to a tailgate party to a magical forest.”

The Xbox Live Kinect Application is rumored to launch this Spring.

Thanks: Simon

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