Civilization: Beyond Earth Trailer Teaches You About ‘Discovery’

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Civilization: Beyond Earth is quickly approaching release into our atmosphere and fans are excited to get to build their own colony.

2K Games and Firaxis have released a new gameplay trailer that showcases many features of the game and how to get started in Civilization: Beyond Earth. The video clocks in at over nine-minutes of gameplay, from cutscenes to in game. It shows how early decisions in the game will be vital to the long term effect of the overall game. It also shows off several types of alien creatures you may come across in your travels. It also goes into affinities and the progression/tech tree known as the Tech Web. Finally it also shows off how each affinity will also have various ways of achieving victory.’ Check out the entire video showcasing many aspects of Civilization: Beyond Earth below.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is set to release exclusively on PC, October 24th

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