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Playstation Exclusive Natural Doctrine Receives Multiplayer Trailer

by William Schwartz


Natural Doctrine will take players on an strategic RPG adventure both online and offline. The multiplayer trailer was revealed to show off the different modes in the upcoming NIS America title.

Natural Doctrine is serving as Kadokawa Games freshman release and tells the tale of explorers venturing into the caves to collect a valuable material known as Pluton. As you and your team dive into the cave you discover there is more here than what was led on, a new evil is lurking beneath the ground ready to strike and destroy the kingdom.


Natural Doctrine has two main multiplayer modes, co-op and versus. Enemies and friendlies that you come across during single-player can be used to fight for you during the online mode. Players will collect cards and build their battle deck and utilize them online against enemies or against their friends. It looks almost like Ultimate Team with Magic Cards. Various modes are available such as flag battle, checkmate battle and co-op where you will join forces to take down all the enemies in an area. As you can tell from the trailer below, there is a reason the game is known for it’s unforgiving strategic RPG gameplay in Japan.

Natural Doctrine is set to release on September 23rd in North America and September 26th in Europe on Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita digitally and retail. It will feature cross-play and cross-save so players can interact on various Playstation platforms.

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