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Rollers Of The Realm, The RPG With Balls

by William Schwartz


Atlus USA is known for their role playing game titles, specifically mostly of the Japanese RPG flavor. However, Rollers Of The Realm is a very drastic detour from that. A hybrid of an RPG and a pinball game.


Rollers Of The Realm takes aspects of RPG titles and pinball games and melds them together to create one cool looking title. The game has already been nominated for numerous awards at various Indie Showcases (SXSW, GDC Play, Indie Prize Awards, IndieCade). Each ball will serve as a character, so far the have only really revealed two characters The Knight and The Rogue. In the trailer you can see glimpses of the other two, one revealed to be The Healer. I assume the other is an archer of some sort?

The four characters will seemingly be interchangeable given the trailer. It sadly seems that there are no plans for online so this is solely a single player experience. It does look pretty cool where you use the ball (character) to attack enemies on the board. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Rollers Of The Realm is set to release this holiday on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC.

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