Attack of the Fanboy

The Women of Duke Nukem Forever

by William Schwartz


The Duke Nukem Forever trailer we’ve all been waiting for has arrived (if you like virtual boobs).  Just when you thought a video of battling enemies with a turd could not be topped, it has.  The latest trailer for the long awaited return of Duke Nukem details the women of the game.  As you would expect, the video features toplessness, pixelation, and all-around debauchery.

Although just recently delayed, Duke Nukem Forever is possibly coming out this year.  The latest “official” date is June 14th, which may or may not actually come to fruition.  June 14th would mark the return of Duke Nukem that is 15 years in the making and at this point, I’ll believe that this actually a game when I see it.

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