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Phil Spencer Is Still Not A Fan Of Partaking In Console War Debates

| May 10, 2017

Phil Spencer Is Still Not A Fan Of Partaking In Console War Debates News Xbox  Xbox One

As long as there are multiple competitors for a product, there are naturally going to be people that argue for one side versus the other. This has been the case for decades with gaming, whether it was the Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis or Xbox One vs. PS4. This has been donned as console wars, but the head of Xbox has previously stated how he didn’t believe in the idea of console wars and he has once again reaffirmed that belief.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has spoken in the past a number of times about how he doesn’t like the idea of console wars and has himself been very congratulatory towards the likes of Sony and Nintendo for their various launches.

This topic surfaced once again though with the recent release of Little Nightmares, in which Spencer congratulated the official Little Nightmares Twitter on a post that had the game’s reviews listed on it. Someone then responded to that saying that Team Xbox and Spencer seemed to really pushing Little Nightmares, even though it was a third party game, in which Spencer responded by saying:

I’ll never feel strange promoting great games.  You should play it on the platform you own..

Phil Spencer has always felt that the companies should worry about themselves and not feel in as much competition against one another. However, this also comes from the head of the company that has been lagging behind the leader Sony this generation.

But it seems like the gaming companies have been a lot more cordial with each other in recent years than back in the days where Sega actually had campaigns that said “Genesis does what Nintendon’t.” The recent release of the Nintendo Switch showed the various companies wishing Nintendo well on their launch, which is definitely great to see.

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  • Game Over

    Good old Phil, now that the Xbox is officially getting the shit kicked out of them by Sony and now by Nintendo, they want to do away with the console wars. Last generation though, they didn’t let a month pass by that they didn’t tout their incredible sales figures. What a pussy.

    • Facts First

      The Xbox One was a perfectly good console and I think it was on par with the PS4. With Scorpio on the horizon Xbox owners will be the new master race. You can bow and kiss the ring now if you think it will grant you mercy later.

      • King Sony

        Actually we’ll wait and see just how Scorpio does, I don’t think many people care about it honestly. Maybe a few diehards, but the PS4 has full public acknowledgement that its the best place to play games, has the best exclusives, virtual reality, and has the right price. Haha poor Phil. He has the toughest job in the games industry. He’s in charge of polishing the biggest turd in the world.

        • FloridaSun72

          I agree. Microsoft 1st party games are not system sellers

    • Liago

      Wow. Congrats on such ignorance! You completely missed the point. Spencer has always been pretty vocal about the stupidity of fanboys.

  • James

    Oh good, your the head of a major division within Microsoft and don’t partake in console wars talk… I would’ve thought you spent your nights trolling r/ps4 and n4g.

  • John C

    I just know that even people that have supported the Xbox for a long time are starting to lose faith. You can find some quality games on the console, but it is weird how slow they are with new games lately. I would love to see more information about Crackdown 3.

    • Facts First

      I don’t think that’s true I know a lot of people that have been with Xbox for a long time and are very happy with the Xbox One and can’t wait to get a Scorpio.

      • John C

        I am not exactly sure what they are getting out of it lately? The Xbox One does not really benefit me because many of those games will be on PC. It would be a good idea for MS to make a splash at E3 this year. The reality is that Sony has been killing it for the last few months. We will see what MS does next.

        • Facts First

          I know a lot of people that still log in to play games like Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Halo Wars (if you can believe it), NBA 2K and others… It’s still a great console for multiplayer, friends, and parties. They might have lost some users over the last few years but the core of what made Xbox Live and the Xbox so good last generation compared to the PS3 is still intact.

  • Mark Hutchison

    I wouldn’t either if my console had been slowly becoming a glorified underperforming PC. Maybe reintroduce the Kinect? Or just keep pushing your “Entertainment” System pitch and maybe it’ll catch on :)

  • ShinjiOda

    Phil doesn’t care about console trash talking except when he does.
    Two-faced, corporate stooge.

  • diesel


  • diesel

    I come here for the console war debates and the podcasts. Wins the next podcast Will?

  • Safe Zone Inspector ⚠️??

    Somebody… anybody. Please come and bury the Xbox brand. It’s dead and the rotting corpse is beginning to stink up the planet. Phil Spencer is the useless printer cartridge changer that somehow talked his way into running things. What a colossal failure!

  • crizz1066

    Really it’s the story of bullies all over. Fine when they’re on top. But really don’t like it happaning to them.

    M$ have bullied the whole computer industry for decades. It’s so funny watch there Chickens come home to roost!!!

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