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PlayStation 3 Jailbreakers are back on PSN

by William Schwartz on May 30, 2012

A new firmware variation has gotten PlayStation Jailbreakers back onto the PlayStation Network by connecting using a custom firmware for the console.  The hack that infamously took down the PlayStation Network for a month seems to be working again, and appears to be a fairly simple process for those that have chosen to jailbreak their consoles.

Using a very specific combination of custom firmware (version 3.55) and the “Rebug Update Package” (3.55.2), as well as a program that tricks the PlayStation Network into seeing your firmware as the most current version, hackers are back online, and playing yet again.

The announcement from the hacking team that developed the custom firmware says that you need to use the device in “Debug Mode” , a mode reserved for developers, sony technical support and other parties that need access to non-standard features of the console.

Hopefully, Sony puts a quick end to this latest breach before it spirals into a bigger mess.  Last year, the PlayStation Network saw a month of downtime due to a security breach which left millions of PSN users sensitive information exposed to hackers in a similar PSN infiltration.

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  • Allen


    It turns out the Ps3 is not “All powerful” after all.

    Im SUCH an idiot bastard son of a gun. My fanboy loyalty has been SO BIG that I was stupidly BLINDED by it.


    Looks like I was wrong after all.

    • Truth

      No this cant be Allen. He said he was wrong.

      Usually Allen will just blindly ignore this article and troll on the comments.


      Nice try whoever it is.

  • Mark

    “The hack that infamously took down the PlayStation Network for a month seems to be working again”

    What utter nonsense… The console wasn’t even part of PSN hack… Totally unrelated.

    Really, grow up.

  • Allen

    gtfo cry baby !

  • AKA Zzz
  • Brevs

    Good thing PSN security is top notch because not paying for online makes PS3 so much more better than xbox 360. The random weekly maintenance actually does something for the security. Thank you Sony! OH wait….

  • bigjershby

    jailbreaks been around forever just like jtags just jailbreak isnt permanent like a jtag

    it still is funny when something like this happens on 360 u never hear about it u have to dig deep to find it r look on youtube lol

    • Brevs

      Jtag online has been patched for more than a year. Jailbreak is now coming back out for PS3. That is the difference.

  • bigjershby

    yea? ill look it up to get my shat right thanks for the heads up man

    • Maper

      Both methods of hacking are permanent unless you connect them online.

      The difference is that Jailbreaking can be done in just 5 seconds. Just connect your USB

      And Jtag is getting a special engineer to open up and connect a chip on the xbox itself.

      At the moment. The xbox jtag has been patched so it cant be played online but the Ps3 jailbreak version can be played online.

  • Brevs

    Did I not say that?

  • Allen

    Fking xbot site, it was down 3 weeks not a month. Let’s blow everything of porporiton.

    Xbox live suffered 10 seperate instances of accidental bannings last year…really it was just 3 but I have to lie because the dumb fks here lie.

    Xbox live went down for 3 weeks back in 07. Really it was only 2.

    Xbox live customers lost $1,000,000 last year. Really it was just $100,000

    Don’t be dumb fks, it’s just fking lame and people will believe you.

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