All Dragon Ball Super Filler Episodes to Skip

Here are all Dragon Ball Super filler episodes to skip so you can watch the anime as quickly as possible!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering what all Dragon Ball Super filler episodes to skip are so you can experience the show as close to the manga as possible, watch it as quickly as possible to mark it off your ever-growing anime list, or in preparation for a new season? The Dragon Ball Super series comprises 131 episodes, concluding with the Universal Survival Saga arc, corresponding to Chapter 42 of Volume 9 in the manga. However, discerning between the canon and filler content can be challenging due to the extensive amount of both. To assist with this, we have listed the relevant information below.

All Dragon Ball Super Filler Episodes

The below Dragon Ball Super filler episodes to skip lists have been meticulously compiled by comparing the content found in the Anime to Manga, which means this is the most up-to-date and accurate list of filler episodes for this series.

Here are all Dragon Ball Super filler episodes to skip:

  • Episodes 14 and 15
    • Episodes 4 and 15 mark the return of the Pilaf gang from Dragon Ball. In addition, Mr. Satan attempts to claim responsibility for what happens during the episodes containing the events of the Battle of Gods. The only purpose of these two episodes is to make the Battle of Gods recap long enough to fill an episode and don’t add much to the Dragon Ball Super series itself.
  • Episodes 42-46
    • These filler episodes are about Monaka, an alien who tries to steal Vegeta’s body. In addition, Goku looks for his granddaughter Pan. These filler episodes fill the time between the tournament and Goku Black’s introduction. They don’t serve any purpose for the actual anime itself.
  • Episodes 68-76
    • These filler episodes involve Shenron’s wishes, Goku and Arale fighting, and Champa playing baseball. Their only function in the anime is filling time before the Universe Survival Saga arc. In addition, they fill the gap before the Universe Survival continues and takes place after the attempted assassination of Goku. You will primarily see the gang training and some additional character development that is cool but unnecessary.

The above episodes are filler and will not change your viewing experience or understanding of the series by skipping the full episode.

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On top of the filler episodes to skip, there are mixed cannon/filler episodes containing information from the Dragon Ball Super manga while still incorporating anime-original content in the same episode.

  • Episode 1: Canon content is from minute 0:00 to 7:21, and then 17:57 to the end of the episode.
  • Episode 2: Canon content is from minute 0:00 to 5:08, and then 12:32 to the end of the episode.
  • Episode 86: Canon content is from minute 0:00 to 20:42.

While we still recommend watching mixed cannon/filler episodes since they technically include essential information from the manga series, we have provided the exact timing of when the episode enters filler territory so you can skip and get back to what is canon.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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